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Web-based Software Development - An introduction.

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2 Web-based Software Development - An introduction

3 Web-based Software Development2  Process to process communication (PPC) The underlying platform of the client/server programming. The Client/Server Model

4 Web-based Software Development3  Two Tier (Traditional) Client/Server Model The Client/Server Model Sockets programming Exercise: Name a commonly used client/server technique.

5 Web-based Software Development4  Three Tier Client/Database/Server Model The Client/Server Model ?? APIs: JDBC ADO

6 Web-based Software Development5  Two Tier Web Based Model The Client/Server Model

7 Web-based Software Development6 Three Tier Web Based Model

8 Web-based Software Development7 Multi-Tier Web Based Model Various configurations? Multiple Databases Multiple application instances Web server farm Distributed Databases

9 Web-based Software Development8 Sample Web Based Applications dynamic web pages – interactive i/o multimedia presentations Web based multi-player games access to remote databases connectivity to legacy computer systems front end of a transaction application intranet applications scientific simulation and visualization

10 Web-based Software Development9 Sample Web Based Applications - scientific simulation and visualization

11 Web-based Software Development10 Representative Web technology - Client Side Development Interpreted or executed by the client (that is, the Web browser). Note: Web pages are originally stored on the Web server.

12 Web-based Software Development11 Representative Web technology - Client Side Development  Issues with client side scripting Inconsistent support across the Web browsers Source exposed to the viewer Awkward connectivity to back-end (e.g., ODBC) Security

13 Web-based Software Development12 Representative Web technology - Server Side Development Interpreted or executed by the server side applications. The result is then sent back to the Web browser.

14 Web-based Software Development13 Representative Web technology  Server Side Technologies Common Gateway Interface (CGI) Active Server Pages (ASP) Java Servlets Java Server Pages (JSP) Distributed Components-Based Technology ( CORBA, DCOM, EJB, RMI, … )

15 Web-based Software Development14 Representative Web technology  Database Connections JDBC: Java Database Connectivity ODBC: Open Database Connectivity OLE-DB ADO: ActiveX Data Objects

16 Web-based Software Development15 Representative Web technology ComponentsProgramming Tools - languages, technologies and APIs Web Browsers Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator Web Servers Apache, IIS, … Applications (Servers) Oracle Application Server, WebSphere Advanced Server, WebLogic, Netscape Enterprise Server, … Database Servers Oracle Database Server, MS SQL Server, IBM DB2, SyBase, Informix, … Java Virtual Machines (JVMs), plug- ins, activeX components,... Client-side programming: HTML, JAVA Applets, Java Script, VB Script, VRML, XML, … Server-side programming: Java Servlets, Java Server Pages, Active Server Pages, CGI, Java Script, VB Script,... ODBC, JDBC, ADO, SQL Net, SQLJ,...

17 Web-based Software Development16 Follow-ups: Read MSS Chapters 1 & 2 (part of Assignment 1) Next: Overview of cryptography

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