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Johanna Tunon Distance and Instructional Library Services (800) 541-6682 ext. 4608.

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2 Johanna Tunon Distance and Instructional Library Services (800) 541-6682 ext. 4608

3 Distance Library Services Online Databases Document Delivery (800) 541-6682 X4602 (954) 262-4602 Reference Services (800) 541-6682 X 4613 (954) 262-4613 Library training and instructional materials M

4 M Journal articles Dissertations Practicums, ERIC Books Host Libraries Items that can be received through Document Delivery



7 Alternative Resources Web and Internet Resources Local library resources –Friends of the Library cards – up to $150/yr –Public library, state universities and colleges –To learn about library resources near clusters (Call (800) 541-6682 ext. 5380 for information about resources in your area.)

8 library

9 tunon *********


11 ERIC is the best of the education indexes.

12 You can type your search terms

13 ERIC search results:

14 ERIC There are two kinds of documents found in ERIC: RIE ED Documents are from RIE and are made available from the Dept. of Education on microfiche. Documents (materials not published in journals) include conference proceedings, Nova practicums, school training materials, etc. They have ED numbers. CIJE EJ Journal articles are indexed in CIJE. They have EJ numbers.

15 ED You can find the ERIC ED number near the top of the abstract.



18 Narrowing a Search Select Database Enter Search Term Once you have done a simple search... Too many? Too few? You have to narrow or broaden your search.

19 I want to find information about family structure. Developing a Search Strategy: First decide on a topic. For example:

20 Basic keyword search

21 Proximity searching in FirstSearch databases: family w structure learning w styles nuclear w family

22 Searching using the descriptor field

23 Keyword searching vs. field searching: The abstract has fields and index terms that you can use for more effective searching.

24 Keywords versus Controlled Vocabulary Subject Headings Index Terms ERIC Descriptors Inclusion Third w grade ESOL Mainstreaming Grade 3 English (second language)

25 Using descriptors

26 Diagram for Boolean Searching

27 Search strategies using AND and OR:

28 Limiting by year of publication.

29 Limiting by document type

30 How do you find out if these two items are available full-text online?

31 Full Text Journal Search


33 WilsonWeb Education Full Text WilsonWeb Education Full Text indexes education periodicals and includes full text for 20% of those journals. School !! L

34 Click in box in front of the database and then type in the search terms.

35 Full Text and PDF icons indicate when you can obtain the article online. However, the PDF version will show you the page numbers and graphics for the article.





40 Search ERIC and ERIC E-Subscribe for ERIC EDs. Use Full Text Journal Search. Search Wilson Education Abstracts FT, ProQuest Direct and Expanded Academic ASAP in InfoTrac to find full-text articles. Find journal articles and ERIC documents you have available locally. Request materials from DLS online. Using Your Computer in the Research Process

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