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ABET Accreditation Status CISE IAB MeeertingJanuary 24, 20121 CEN program fully ABET-accredited (in 2006) until 2012: no concerns, no weaknesses, no deficiencies.

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1 ABET Accreditation Status CISE IAB MeeertingJanuary 24, 20121 CEN program fully ABET-accredited (in 2006) until 2012: no concerns, no weaknesses, no deficiencies. ABET evaluation and visit coming up Fall 2012. Draft Self-Study completed Summer 2011. Mock ABET visit Oct. 9-10, 2011. Self-Study now under revision.

2 Mock ABET Evaluation Oct. 9-10 Consists of Observations, Concerns, Weaknesses, and Deficiencies, regarding ABET Criteria: 1.Students (No O’s, C’s, W’s or D’s) 2.Program Educational Objectives (1 O, 1 W [IAB] ) 3.Student Outcomes (some C’s, some O’s [website], Senior Design) 4.Continuous Improvement (1 C [too much], 1 W [Outcome (b) experiments], some O’s) 5.Curriculum (2 O’s [format]) 6.Faculty (1 O, 1 C, 1 W [governance] ) 7.Facilities (1 O) 8.Institutional Support (1 O, 1 W [governance] ) ALL O’s, C’s are easily addressable. CISE IAB MeeertingJanuary 24, 20122

3 Mock ABET Evaluation Overall, very encouraging. Primary issues OK: – Student advising and processing ? – Objectives: Process for Reviewing Objectives ? (Governance) Objectives attained ? – Outcomes: Prepare students to attain Objectives ? Outcomes attained ? Program improvements ? (Governance) – Curriculum adequate ?  (Governance) – Faculty adequate ? – Facilities adequate ? CISE IAB MeeertingJanuary 24, 20123

4 Actions Taken Added members to Curriculum Committees (CISE/ECE) New CEN (CISE/ECE) joint Committee formed: Chair: Dr. Herman Lam (ECE). 3 members CISE, 3 members ECE. Meeting regularly to: – Oversee CEN program – Prepare for ABET visit in October CISE IAB MeeertingJanuary 24, 20124

5 ABET Definitions Outcomes: what students can do when they graduate. Most successful measures: assessment of course work, and senior surveys. – Department assesses outcomes. Objectives: what graduates can do after several years. IAB input (revise objectives) and alumni surveys (measure achievement of objectives). – COE carries out surveys. Department analyzes them. CISE IAB MeeertingJanuary 24, 20125

6 Program Objectives, defined 2005-2006, revised by IAB Oct. 6, 2011) A graduate of the University of Florida Computer Engineering Program should have a successful career in computer engineering or a related field, and within three to five years, should: 1.Excel in a career utilizing their education in Computer Engineering; 2.Continue to enhance their knowledge; 3.Be effective in multidisciplinary and diverse professional environments; 4.Provide leadership and demonstrate good citizenship. REVISE ? ELIMINATE ? CISE IAB MeeertingJanuary 24, 20126

7 Outcomes: a CEN graduate should have... (a)an ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, statistics, computer science, and electrical engineering as it applies to computer hardware and software; (b)an ability to design and conduct experiments, as well as to organize, analyze and interpret data; (c)an ability to design hardware and software systems, components, or processes to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, health and safety, manufacturability, and sustainability; (d)an ability to function on multi-disciplinary teams; CISE IAB MeeertingJanuary 24, 20127

8 Outcomes (cont'd). A CEN graduate should have … (e)an ability to identify, formulate, and solve hardware and software computer engineering problems, accounting for the interaction between hardware and software; (f)an understanding of professional, legal, and ethical issues and responsibilities; (g)an ability to communicate effectively in speech and in writing, including documentation of hardware and software systems; (h)the broad education necessary to understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental, and societal context; CISE IAB MeeertingJanuary 24, 20128

9 Outcomes (cont’d) A CEN graduate should have … (i)a recognition of the need for, and an ability to engage in life-long learning; (j)a knowledge of contemporary issues; (k)an ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for computer engineering practice; and (l)an ability to apply engineering and management knowledge and techniques to estimate time and resources needed to complete a computer engineering project. CISE IAB MeeertingJanuary 24, 20129

10 CEN Outcome Evaluation Process Three-tiered process: Outcome instruments assessed in each course. Course committee (3 faculty) reviews instruments per course for all relevant outcomes, and makes recommendations. Recommendations collected and referred to appropriate bodies. CISE IAB MeeertingJanuary 24, 201210

11 Course/Outcome Mapping CISE IAB MeeertingJanuary 24, 201211 Outcome CNS numberCourse Name abcdefghijkl CIS-3020 Introduction to CIS X X X COT-3100Applied Discrete Structures X X COP-3530Data Structures and Algorithms X X X CDA-3101Introduction to Computer Organization X X X CEN-3031Introduction to Software Engineering X X X COP-4600Operating Systems X X COT-4501Numerical Analysis XX X CEN-4500CComputer Networking Fundamentals X XX CGS-3065Legal and Social Issues in Computing X XXX CIS-4914Senior Design X XXXXXXXXXXX EEL-3111CCircuits 1 X X EEL-3135Discrete-Time Signals and Systems X X EEL-3304CElectronic Circuits 1 XX X EEL-4744CMicroprocessor Applications X X X X X EEL-4712CDigital Design X X X X EEL-3701CDigital Logic and Computer Systems X X EEL-4914CSenior Design XXXXXXXXXXX

12 News from ABET ABET Pre-visit Training Manual highlights: – Terms: Deficiency, Weakness, Concern. – Criterion 2: Objectives. No longer required to have program improvements “triggered” solely by assessments. – Criterion 3: Outcomes. Ditto. – Criterion 4: Program Improvement: Ditto. Need “evidence of actions to improve the program”. CISE IAB MeeertingJanuary 24, 201212

13 Program Improvements in Self-Study COP-3530 in C++ beginning Summer 2010. Cover Java threading and synchronization in Operating Systems (a pre-req for Computer Networking ). Add one more lab hour to CIS-3020 (now COP- 3504) CIS-3020, 3022, 3023 (now COP-3504, 3502, 3503) now allow only individual student work. MATLAB lab component added to EEL-3135 Signals and Systems. CISE IAB MeeertingJanuary 24, 201213

14 Questions ? Suggestions ? CISE IAB MeeertingJanuary 24, 201214

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