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Welcome to Math 010!.

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1 Welcome to Math 010!

2 NOTE: If you pay attention to these slides, they contain the answers to most of the 25 questions on the syllabus quiz you’ll be taking at the end of class today...

3 Instructor: *** Email: *** Office: *** Phone: ***
(or , Math TLC office)

4 Our Student Teaching Assistant/s for this section:
*** Web site:

5 Course Requirements Prerequisite: None (Math Placement Level 0)
Things to bring to class every day: Laptop, power cord Note-taking materials

6 Success rates of students in Math 010 before
and since the start of the Math TLC program:


8 Course Credit The 2 credits for this course DO NOT count as elective credit towards graduation, and this course DOES NOT count towards the 6-credit General Education Analytical Skills requirement. All students must take at least one more math course beyond this one.

9 Which course you’ll take next
Depending on your major, your next class will be either: Math 118 (Concepts of Math) Take this next if your major program either specifically requires Math 118 or does not specify a specific math class you must take. Math 110 (Intermediate Algebra)Take this next if your major program specifically requires Math 120, 121, 123, or a higher level math course.

10 (Instructors: click on table for link to current version)
Minimum Mathematics Requirement by Program (Instructors: click on table for link to current version) Note: Math 010 is a prerequisite for either Math 110 or Math 118. Math 110 is required for all Math courses numbered 120 or higher. Math 110 is NOT required for Math 118. Math 118 DOES NOT count as a prerequisite for any higher level math courses and cannot be substituted for Math 110 or 120.

11 Withdrawals: The last day of “free drops” (no record on transcript) is Tuesday, September 18. Withdrawals between September 19 and October 5, will result in a grade of “WS”. This WILL appear on your transcript, but won’t affect your GPA. By University policy, drops after October 5 are not allowed, except in specific, verifiable extenuating circumstances, and will result in a “WU” on your transcript. See WS/WU section at the following link for full policy:

12 Course Grades TOTAL 1000 pts
Quizzes: pts 1 syllabus 10 point Gateway 80 points 3 in-class online 60 points each 33 points for practice quizzes Tests: pts points, Comprehensive 200 points Practice Tests worth 35 points Daily Homework Assignments pts 12 points, 20 points Lecture Attendance & Participation pts Attendance: 28 2 points each TOTAL pts Note that homework counts about 25% of your course grade, tests and quizzes total 70%, and attendance and participation are worth 5%.

13 Grade Scale

14 Gateway Quiz 8-question, paper and pencil quiz.
No calculators allowed for this quiz. Must be passed with 100% score before you can pass Math 010. You may take the quiz multiple times until you receive 100%, with different versions of the quiz given each time.

15 Gateway Quiz (continued)
A sample quiz in homework form will be provided for you to look at today and to complete before our third class period. (Learning aids to help with this will be available in the course web page.) We will go over the answers and the steps for how to do the problems in class over the next couple weeks to prepare you for the first try at the Gateway quiz. Peer teaching assistants specially trained to help you prepare for the Gateway quiz questions will also be on duty in the open lab (JHSW 203) each week on Mondays through Thursdays from 8:00 a.m. until 7:30 p.m.

16 Gateway Quiz (continued)
Give the sample Gateway homework a try as soon as possible. If you have any trouble with the sample quiz, come in to the open lab for one-on-one help. The first opportunity to take the Gateway Quiz for credit will be during the fifth week of the semester (see your course calendar in the syllabus or online for details).

17 Deadlines for Daily Homework:
Each homework assignment is due at the start of class on the class day after the section is assigned. All deadlines are given in the syllabus and in the on-line assignment list. Plan to work well ahead of the deadline, because homework deadlines won’t be extended if they are missed. Homework can be turned in early and can be done outside of the lab.

18 Where you can do assignments:
You can do homework from home or on any computer with internet access. Quizzes and tests must be completed with a proctor in your classroom or in the Math TLC testing lab, even if you arrange to take them early. Avoid potential problems with missed homework deadlines due to internet disruptions by starting your work sufficiently early, or by doing your work in the Math TLC. You may work ahead of the class schedule if you choose.

19 Attendance points: Attendance will be taken at every class session, and 2 points will be awarded to students who are present when roll is taken. Participation in a class activity or completion of a short problem or homework quiz may be required to earn attendance/participation points on some or all class days. Points for each week’s attendance will be posted weekly to the online gradebook by Monday of the following week.

20 Calculators: Calculators may not be used on Quiz 1, Quiz 2, Test 1 or any Gateway Quiz. After Test 1, calculators may be used for all remaining tests and quizzes, except for re-takes of the Gateway Quiz. When calculators are allowed, any type of calculator may be used EXCEPT FOR CALCULATORS ON CELL PHONES or online calculators on your laptop. If you don’t have a basic scientific calculator or aren’t sure yours is appropriate for use in this class, check with me after class and I can help you. TI-30 or TI-34 or TI-36 are good options in the $10-15 range if you don’t have one yet.

21 Class sessions: During the first part of each class period, LAPTOPS MUST BE CLOSED while the teacher covers that day’s lecture material. At the end of the lecture, laptops may be opened and your teacher and a TA will provide individual help with homework problems. After lecture, you may leave class early if you have your assignment completely finished and 100% correct, after the teacher or TA checks your score on your laptop.

22 Classroom Etiquette: All electronic devices including cell phones, PDA's, iPods, and laptops need to be OFF during class. When the day’s lecture is finished your instructor will ask you to use your laptop to work on the day’s homework. During these times and during tests or quizzes it is not appropriate to use your computer for communications, instant messaging, general web surfing or similar activities that are not directly related to the current lecture.

23 More on Cell Phones: CELL PHONES MAY NOT BE USED AT ALL, EVEN AS CALCULATORS, IN MATH 010 CLASSROOMS OR IN THE MATH TLC TUTOR LAB. Your cell phone needs to be out of your sight (and ours) and turned off while in the classroom or tutor lab. Any violation of this policy will result in your cell phone being held at the instructor’s desk until you leave the classroom or tutor lab.

24 Make-up Policies: Homework cannot be submitted after the posted deadline. Students who must miss work or tests due to official University business must make arrangements for makeup work beforehand, by arrangement with your own course instructor.

25 Make-up Policy (continued):
If a quiz or test is missed due to a serious verifiable circumstance, a makeup may be given if the excuse is verified. NOTE: All excuses and documentation must be turned in to your instructor within 2 days of missed work. If approved by your instructor, a makeup will be scheduled.

26 Academic Dishonesty Policy:
Any student discovered receiving assistance from any source or giving assistance to another student on an exam or quiz, or cheating in any other way will be given a zero grade for that exam or quiz. A second infraction will result in a failing grade (F) for the class. See University policy at

27 Math TLC Open Lab Hours:
Room 203 Jarvis Hall Science Wing (next door to the JHSW 214 Math TLC classroom) Monday through Thursday 8:00 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. This lab is closed on Fridays, on weekends and during breaks.

28 Remember this for your syllabus quiz:
Math TLC Open Labs are held in 203 Jarvis Hall Science Wing, next to the main Math TLC classroom. Removable stickers similar to the one pictured below will be available in the Open Lab if you would like one. Fall 2012 8:00 AM - 7:30 PM

29 Notebooks/note taking:
Written notes should be taken during lectures. You should have a notebook that you use specifically for this class, and bring it to every class session. Notebooks will be checked occasionally and used to determine attendance/participation points on those days. You should also have a page in your notebook for each homework assignment. For each online problem, you should write the problem in your notebook, then show all steps of the work you do to get the answer. These notes will be very helpful to you in studying for tests and quizzes.

30 Website and Login information:
NOTE: Even if you have used the MyLab or CourseCompass software before, start by clicking the Register/Student button. The Course ID for this course is *****

31 ***** The Course ID for this course is
After you enter the course id, click “continue”. Next: If you have used MyLab/CourseCompass software for any previous course, sign in with your existing username so you don’t have to re-enter all of the registration information. If not, select “Create a Pearson Account”.

32 NEW MyLab/Mastering USERS ONLY:
When prompted, enter the Access Code that is being handed out now. IMPORTANT: If you have ever previously enrolled in a MyLab course using the textbook for this course, you WILL NOT need a new access code. NEW MyLab/Mastering USERS ONLY: Make sure you enter the Menomonie zip code (54751) Enter your Stout address User Name and Password: follow online instructions If you have any trouble with any of the registration or log-in steps, just ask one of the teachers or TAs in the classroom. We want to make sure everyone can log in before leaving class today.

33 Once you’re registered:
Go back to the website (add to the “Favorites” list in your browser) In the “Sign In” box, enter your Username and Password Click on 2012 Fall Math *****

34 Once you’re at the course site, the Home Page looks like this:

35 Information about the short homework assignment due at the start of our third class session:
This assignment has eight basic arithmetic problems. You should not use a calculator to do these problems In class during Week 5 you will be taking a quiz similar to this homework. Calculators will not be allowed on this quiz. Don’t worry if you find yourself having some trouble doing some or all of these problems. We will go over the answers and explain in detail the steps for how to do the problems in class over the next couple weeks to prepare you for the first try at the Gateway quiz. Peer teaching assistants specially trained to help you prepare for the Gateway quiz questions will also be on duty in the open lab (JHSW 203) each week on Mondays through Thursdays from 8:00 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. If you want a quick review to help you do any of these problems, look in the “Gateway Info” section of the MyLabs Math 010 web site. We will also spend time going over these problems in lecture during the next few weeks, so you aren’t expected to master them right away. You’ll have plenty of chances to work on them in class with one-on-one help before you take your first Gateway Quiz for credit.

36 To view the Homework Assignment due at start of class session #3:
Click on the “Assignments” button Click on “First Day of Class” to see this screen: Now click on the word “here” under Gateway Homework. Click here to find step-by-step explanations for how to do each of the gateway problems.

37 Gateway Homework: The problems can be accessed online (instructions on next slide), but you should show all of your work in detail for each problem on the worksheet that the TAs will be handing out to each of you. You should also enter your answers into the computer in the online assignment. Now click on the Gateway Homework link in the First Day of Class folder.

38 Now you should see this screen:
Click on the Gateway HW #1 line. Your computer may then run a “browser check” If you have a new or refreshed Stout laptop, you will not need to load any programs. If your computer prompts you to load the updated version of Flash, do so, but DO NOT load any other programs. Ask one of the TAs for help if you run into any trouble with this. You will need to have this working in order to do this assignment and the syllabus quiz. The worksheet handout has instructions for showing your work on paper and entering your answers online.

39 The Gateway HW is due at start of our third class session.
Now leave that link and take the syllabus quiz. Click on the “Assignments” button again Click on “First Day of Class” to see this screen: Now click on the word “here” under Syllabus Quiz

40 Select “Syllabus Quiz from the list. Click “I am ready to start”
YOU MAY USE YOUR SYLLABUS AND COURSE CALENDAR TO TAKE THIS QUIZ. Use the “Next question” button to move to next question. Remember to hit “Submit” button when completely finished When finished, check your quiz score and redo quiz if desired. (This is the only quiz you’ll be able to do over, so take advantage of this to make sure you get 100%!) .

41 That’s it! See you tomorrow.
Remember to bring: Your completed Gateway Homework assignment sheet Your laptop and power cord Note-taking materials Calculator

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