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Baroque - Dance & Theatre

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1 Baroque - Dance & Theatre
A costume design for Louis XIV as The Rising Sun, from the final entrée of Le Ballet de la Nuit (1653).

2 Baroque Dance - Ballet Louis XIII participates as a dancer, composer,
and director Louis XIV Excellent & enthusiastic dancer from age 13 (1615) through 1670

3 Baroque Dance - Ballet Conventions: Under Louis XIII…
Elaborate spectacles of biblical tales & mythology brought to court for entertainment (also Henry IV in England) Louis XIII participates (dancer, composer, director) Performances in front of City Hall (Paris) so townspeople can see it. Dance done by amateurs

4 Baroque Dance - Ballet Under Louis XIV…
The arts are used as propaganda – to establish Louis as the absolute ruler of France - to create & perpetuate an image of the French monarchy - to show Louis as the majestically royal incarnation of France… he physically represents all of France, as all of France is his - to demonstrate France’s superiority to the rest of the world Moliere – his choreographer (later, a playwright) Ballet becomes professional

5 Jean Baptiste Lully (Italian born: Giovanni Baptista Lulli)
– composer & musician who worked with Louis XIV - collaborated with Moliere on most of the Louis’ ballets Louis XIV established the Académie Royale de Musique for Lully - 1653, Le Ballet de la Nuit – at 14 Louis performs dressed as Apollo, the sun god (composed by Lully), which contributed to his being known as the Sun King

6 Pierre Beauchamps – Louis XIV took lessons from him most of his life
-1661 – he records (and so standardizes) the 5 foot & arm positions for ballet… the basis of modern ballet Académie Royale de Danse is founded by Louis XIV and Beauchamps is the 1st director (oldest existing ballet company, no called the Ballet de l'Opéra national de Paris

7 Baroque Dance - Ballet plie Barre work Pointe shoes

8 Baroque Dance - Ballet Positions of the feet 1st position 2nd position
5th position 3rd position 4th position

9 Baroque Dance - Ballet Leaping men demonstrate their strength
Pas des deux & Arabesque position The tutu

10 Baroque Theatre Theatre Conventions
JACQUES CALLOT, The Combat at the Barrier, 1627 Performances move inside & become more lavish spectacles Court theatre is dominated by Masques Women are generally accepted on stage by the late 17th C

11 Stages & theatres are decorated in same ornate style

12 Baroque Theatre - Opera
Teatro alla Scala Milan, Italy Founded 1778 Libretto + score = Opera (“work” in italian)

13 Baroque Theatre - Opera
Opera starts in the courts… the first publically attended opera was in Venice in 1637 Claudio Monteverdi (Italy) Georges Frederic Handel (Germany)

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