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Study Skills… Do you want to get better grades…then listen up!!!!

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1 Study Skills… Do you want to get better grades…then listen up!!!!
**Please give your presenter your attention and respect**

2 Self-evaluation Let’s evaluate ourselves? I usually cram before a test
I usually daydream in class or doodle I do not take notes I do not remember what I just read

3 Self-evaluation…cont.
I wish I had better grades I study in a disorganized way I usually study with the TV or radio on I wait until the last minute to do my work If you said Yes to any of these – PAY ATTENTION TO THE FOLLOWING ANNOUNCEMENTS!

4 Note-taking- take notes when…
your teacher repeats something your teachers writes it on the board Gives a list of items Defines a word Your teacher pauses to give you a minute to write it down Your teacher gives a summary Your teacher says, “This will be on the test.”

5 Other Tips When reading or studying… Make note of bold words
Make note of underlined or italicized words Review tables and charts Highlight important parts (if permitted) Create your own shorthand such as “>” for greater or “=“ for same as

6 BRAINSTORMING This is a useful way to solve problems:
Think of all possible ideas, no matter how silly they may seem Write all your ideas down Discuss ideas as a group Choose the one that seems best Exercise: Brainstorm as a class 5 possibilities and choose the best one for this scenario: “You are failing ELA and you need to pass to play sports.” What options do you have? Brainstorm by following the above steps and write them on the board. You have 3-5 minutes to do this.

7 Today’s Test Take out a sheet of paper and take this test…there is to be NO TALKING AT ALL! Directions: Read all instructions before you begin this quiz. When students have paper ready proceed to the next slide for quiz

8 TEST Directions – read all the questions and then begin.
1. Write your name in the top right corner 2. Draw a square in the lower left corner 3. Write your last name in lower right corner 4. Draw a star in the middle of the page 5. Draw a happy face in the lower center of page 6. Give the face hair 7. Ignore #1-6 and leave the page blank

9 What did you learn from the Test?
Review What did you learn from the Test? - Always read all the instructions….Don’t just assume you know what to do.

10 Listening Part of Good Study Skills is Listening – We have 2 ears for a reason which is to listen more than we speak! Come to class ready to listen. Make sure you have read the assigned work so what you hear makes sense The following include ways to Listen better:

11 Listen up! Sit up straight Make eye contact
Focus on what is being said Avoid distraction – How? Talk as a class! Actively respond to questions Do NOT interrupt Stop daydreaming – you can’t listen if you are busy thinking about other things What is the main idea being said?

12 Final Study Tips Make sure you understand the assignment
Break down large assignments into smaller ones Study somewhere quiet and organized Set Goals Use Agenda daily Get all books/papers before you leave Eat a good breakfast Get at least 8 hours of sleep Get the difficult tasks done first Proof-read your work

13 Final Words You have a choice – choose wisely in how you study
It feels good to be successful, try it! Challenge yourself this week to do better Congratulate yourself when you have done well Feel free to come and see Mr. Gregg if you have further questions on how to study better

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