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The Story of Daniel Click here to begin! By Devon Roberts.

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1 The Story of Daniel Click here to begin! By Devon Roberts

2 How to use this PowerPoint… This is the forward button, it moves you along the story! This is the home button, it takes you to the Table of Contents where you can choose between the story and the quiz! This is the back button, it takes you back to the slide you were just on! Click here to start the lesson!

3 The Book of Daniel… Press the play button for more information on the Book of Daniel!

4 Table of Contents Click the pictures to go to that part of the presentation! Story Quiz

5 What Will I Learn? Who was Daniel? What did he do? How did he stay loyal to God? Why is his story important ?

6 King Nebuchadnezzar… We’ll call him King N! King N was the king of Babylon. Even though he was a very rich and mighty king, he always wanted more.

7 King N decided to attack Israel. The king of Israel had forgotten God, so God did not help him and Israel was captured.

8 Think About It… Why didn’t God help protect the king of Israel? Click here to find out!

9 One of the Israelites Was a strong, young man named Daniel.

10 Daniel wasn’t like the king of Israel. He loved God and did everything he could to obey God.

11 King N had his servant, Ashpenaz, choose three men to serve him. When Daniel and three of his friends were chosen, they were asked to eat all of the fancy, royal food!

12 This was a problem for Daniel. God had told the Israelites to eat healthy. Daniel decided to obey God, no matter what!

13 This scared Ashpenaz. He said to Daniel, “The king had ordered you to eat this food so that you can be strong and healthy! If you don’t, the king might kill you!”

14 Daniel was not afraid though, and he had a plan. He said… “ Let my friends and me eat what God has commanded us to eat. Give us vegetables to eat and water to drink. After 10 days, compare us with the others who have eaten the king’s food, and see for yourself who looks healthier. ” And so that’s what they did.

15 After 10 days, Daniel and his friends were stronger and healthier than the others, so they were allowed to eat their own food!

16 Think About It… How do you think Daniel and his friends became healthier than the others? Click here to find out!

17 God had even more plans for Daniel and his friends. God gave them great success in everything they did.

18 He even gave Daniel a special gift! Daniel could explain the meanings of dreams !

19 After 3 years, King N was so impressed with Daniel and his friends that he chose them to serve him on his royal court!

20 Now, many other officials were very jealous of this, so they decided to trick the king into passing a new law. This law made it illegal to pray to anyone but the king.

21 Despite this law, Daniel was faithful and continued to pray to God. The jealous officials caught him and reported it to King N.

22 King N was angry that he’d been tricked. He didn’t want to get Daniel into trouble, but he couldn’t do anything about it. He was forced to punish Daniel for breaking the law!

23 As his punishment, it was decided that Daniel would be put into a lions’ den !

24 As Daniel was sent to the den, King N called down to him, “May your God whom you worship continually rescue you.”

25 Think About It… What’s the only way Daniel could have survived the lions’ den? Click here to find out!

26 The king had become very fond of Daniel, and so he worried all night wondering what had happened to him.

27 The next morning, the king rushed to the lions’ den to find that Daniel was ALIVE !

28 God had rescued Daniel from the lions because Daniel continued to stay faithful to God!

29 Think About It… Why did God choose to save Daniel from the lions? Click here to find out!

30 --------------------------------------- God didn’t help the king of Israel because the king had forgotten all about God, and that is something you should never do! ---------------------------------------

31 Daniel and his friends obeyed God, so God blessed and rewarded them by making them strong and healthy! ---------------------------------------

32 The only way Daniel survive the lions’ den is if God were to protect him! ---------------------------------------

33 When you believe and trust in God, He will always be there to help you! ---------------------------------------

34 Let’s See What You Learned!

35 Why did King N attack Israel? He thought it was pretty He was never satisfied with what he had He wanted to live there A B C

36 Great Job! King N was never satisfied with the things that he had

37 Oops! Try again! Remember, the king was very greedy…

38 Why wouldn’t Daniel eat the king’s food? God told him to eat healthy He didn’t like it He was allergic to it A B C

39 Good Job! God had told the Israelites to eat healthy

40 Oops! Try Again! Remember, it was a rule that Daniel was following…

41 Why did the other officials trick the king into signing the new law? They didn’t like the king They were jealous of Daniel They were good friends with Daniel A B C

42 Good Job! The officials were jealous of Daniel, so they wanted to get him in trouble.

43 Oops! Try Again! Remember, they didn’t do it for a good reason…

44 Why was the king mad that he had been tricked? He didn’t like being tricked He actually liked Daniel He wasn’t tricked at all A B C

45 Good Job! King N had started to like Daniel, and he didn’t want Daniel to be hurt!

46 Oops! Try Again! Remember how the king had started to feel about Daniel…

47 How was Daniel punished for worshiping God? He was banished He was put in the corner He was thrown into a lions’ den A B C

48 Good Job! Daniel was thrown into a lions’ den!

49 Oops! Try Again! Remember, it was a very unusual way to punish someone…

50 What happened to Daniel in the end? God rescued him He got eaten by the lions He climbed out of the lions’ den on his own A B C

51 Good Job! Daniel was saved by God, which is the only way he could have been saved!

52 Oops! Try Again! Remember, it wasn’t something that Daniel could have done on his own…

53 Great Job! Now you know all about the story of Daniel!

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