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The “New Immigrants” 1880 - 1924 Melting Pot TheorySalad Bowl Theory.

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1 The “New Immigrants” 1880 - 1924 Melting Pot TheorySalad Bowl Theory

2 Ellis Island, Angel Island Ellis Island in New York Harbor

3 Dumbbell Tenements Housing for immigrants – unsafe, unsanitary and overcrowded conditions led to crime and disease

4 American Party (Know-nothings) 1840s and 1850s Mostly anti-Irish and anti- catholic in the pre-Civil War period

5 American Protective Association Nativist group opposed to large influx of immigration during the Gilded Age. Very active in the American west as Chinese immigration used as labor force n the western railroad constructi on Projects, grew during the 1870s. The Chinese Exclusion Act was passed in 1882, despite the Burlingame Treaty which guaranteed civil rights to Chinese Immigrants

6 Literacy Tests Just as literacy tests were used to disenfranchise African Americans, they were also used to limit Immigration.

7 Political Machines Political organizations at the municipal level that often used bribes and election fraud to maintain their control and steal from the local tax payers. “Vote early, vote often”

8 Settlement Houses Community centers in poor neighborhoods that provided medical services, day care, evening classes and social outlets. Started by Jane Addams in Chicago with Hull House, then spread to other communities around the nation.

9 Gentlemen’s Agreement 1907 President Theodore Roosevelt’s deal with the Japanese government to restrict Japanese emigration to the U.S. in exchange for better treatment of Japanese students in the San Francisco School system in the aftermath of the Great San Francisco earthquake of 1906.

10 Immigration Act of 1924 The law restricted immigration from the Southern and Eastern parts of Europe, while allowing greater number of immigrants from northern and western parts of Europe. Asian immigration was also reduced although, Immigration from the Americas was mostly left un-restricted.

11 Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965

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