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Background and History  established in 1981.  Provides mission trips to overseas countries.  Prospective teachers will train and.

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2 Background and History  established in 1981.  Provides mission trips to overseas countries.  Prospective teachers will train and send hundreds of Christians to teach English, business, and other subjects in: China, Czech Republic, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Vietnam.  Goals:  To open doors of opportunity for Christians to explore God’s calling to overseas service.  To provide excellent training and field support which develop professional skills, spiritual growth, and credible ministry.  To advance students’ educational level and quality of life, appropriately communicate the good news with our lives, our service and our words, partner with local churches for spiritual growth of God’s family.

3 Problems  People do not know the purpose of mission trips  “The Great Commission”  The cost of a trip  A year long trip costs approximately $6950.00, while a summer trip runs from approximately $2490.00-$2790.00, depending on the country.  No affiliation with other organizations  Teen Mania Ministries  Gospel for Asia

4 Goals  Raise half the amount for a trip by local fund raising, then serve as an intern.  They will earn up to $50, for summer long trips, and $100 for yearlong trips, per every five days worked. This way the teachers will be earning money as well as preparing for their trips.  In affiliation with Teen Mania, teachers will work at Acquire the Fire events. Through this work 5% of all proceeds will go to sponsor mission trips.  In affiliation with Gospel for Asia, teachers will work with the organization. Some will intern and go through training and be allotted a trip with GFA, while others will opt to be paid a stipend, according to their need, for their efforts.

5 Objectives  will begin to network with other organizations. Efforts will be made to merge with other organizations in order to achieve sponsorship.  The organization will arrange local as well as national fundraising for mission work.  Media:  Prospective teachers will send out newsletters to those who are willing to donate.  They will also put ads in their local newspaper, informing the community about their trip.  will put links on websites such as,, and There will also be links put on the Teen Mania and Gospel for Asia websites.

6 More Objectives  Merchandise, supporting the name and logo, such as t- shirts, bumper stickers, and bracelets, will be produced in order to raise funds.  The merchandise will also be available at Teen Mania and GFA events. 90% of proceeds will go to  All proceeds from these efforts will be put into a separate fund to finance trips.  Blogs

7 Audience  Christian organizations  Non-profit organizations  Churches  Committed Christians, eighteen years or older, and a fluent speakers of English.

8 Action Strategies  must have a mind set to partner with other organizations. Brainstorming meetings will be held once a month.  A budget management staff will be set up to handle finances.  Interns will be in charge of publicity.  Visits to churches will be arranged for informational sessions.  Youth events on the campus of William Carey International University (WCIU) in Pasadena, California, will be held to draw in support.

9 Communication Strategies  Networking meetings will be held with other organizations.  Blogs and networking websites will be used to draw in support.  Advertisements in local and national newspapers.  Local and national radio advertisements and interviews.

10 Program Implementation Plan  Henry Eu, Vice President of Marketing and Mobilization and Sabrina Wong, Vice President of Strategic Planning and Training will hire interns and paid employees to work as a team  Yearlong training and fundraising  May- September: Personal fundraising  October-December: Intern with  January-March: Intern with Teen Mania Ministries, working with Acquire the Fire functions  April-June: Intern with Gospel for Asia  Late June and July: Begin training for trip with

11 Budget  Interns will earn approximately $300-$600 dollars a month.  Approximately $50,000 will be earned from working with Teen Mania Ministries.  GFA will award personal stipends to interns that will not affect the budget.  Donations will add to the rest of the budget, making it hard to estimate.  The cost of publicity will be a minimal amount.

12 Evaluation Plans  The outcome will be measured by the finance committee.  Through more publicity more people should be attracted.  The amount of sponsorship and donations should also increase.

13 Feedback and Program Adjustment  Each month a finance report will be given to the budget staff.  Those in charge of publicity will keep track of money spent and incorporate their cost into the finance report.  Then the kinks will be worked out and adjustments made.  Other organizations will also present a financial report of their donations.

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