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Print Advertising, Ch #20 Terms to Know Headline Typeface Copy Color

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1 Print Advertising, Ch #20 Terms to Know Headline Typeface Copy Color
Illustration Type size Signature Print Media Logo White Space Layout Limited Service Full Service Clip art Virtual Slogan Project Team Serif Type Face Creative Boutique San Serif Type Face Font Point Size

2 Print Media Print Media advertising includes newspapers, magazines, direct mail, signs, and billboards. Over 50% of all retail advertising $s go into print media.

3 Layout An ad Layout is where and how ad components are placed in the ad.

4 There is no right or wrong way to layout an ad
There are only guidelines and suggestions in the creation of the ad.

5 In an ad layout, use of Color is important
There are complementary colors, which are on opposite sides of the color wheel. Adjacent colors are next to each other on the color wheel, as well as share undertones. Triadic colors involve three colors that are equally spaced on the color wheel. An example of this is red, yellow and blue.

6 Color and color groups create specific moods and feelings
Colors from the warm side of the color wheel, such as red and yellow, convey a festive mood. Colors from the cool side of the color wheel, such as blue and green represent clam, tranquility and refinement.

7 White space White space is void of graphics or text. It allows a break for the eyes and attracts attention to the ad.

8 Typeface The typeface is the style of the printed word. Typefaces invoke feelings. The Font is a synonym for the typeface. Fonts are measured in point size. (72 points is equal to one inch)

9 Serifs are the ends of each letter to make the letters more distinctive. Sans is the French word for “Without”. San Serif typefaces should be used in advertising making it read quickly. “Ariel”, this typeface is San Serif. Serif type faces are better for running text in books or newspapers. This typeface is “Times New Roman” and is an example of a Serif typeface.

10 Print ads can be broken into four parts.
Headline Copy Illustration Signature

11 Headlines A Headline pulls potential customers into reading / examining a print ad. The Headline is the phrase that generates attention and interest. It should be bold, catchy and appealing to the target market.

12 Copy Copy is what is written in a print ad. (Yes, the Headline is part of copy, but is considered a separate component.) It can be a continuance of the Headline or can explain the Headline. Copywriting is an advertising skill. It is salesmanship in written form.

13 Illustrations , An Illustration is a picture. People tend not to read. A picture needs to illustrate the purpose of the ad, bringing all the other components of ad together. 70% of people notice the illustration, only 5% read the ad copy.

14 Clip Art Clip Art is pre-made art work used in advertising purchased, in and effort not to have to pay an illustrator.

15 Signature A Signature is the name of the advertiser or logotype, or slogan. The signature should also include how to purchase the product. An example of this could include: Hours open, directions, locations, telephone #, stores where the product is sold or a website.

16 A Logotype Logos are organizational symbols

17 A Slogan                                                                             Is memorable marketing phrase that helps customers identify with the product.

18 In our society, we read from right to left.
The last portion of an ad the customer should read will be the signature at the bottom right side of the page. It is placed there in an effort to remind potential customers of the product.

19 There are five types of Advertising Agencies
Full Service Virtual Project Team Creative Boutique Limited Service

20 Full Service Agency Creates an entire campaign. Fees are usually 15% of the advertising $s spent

21 Virtual Virtual agencies is often one person networked to group of free-lanced people. Agency personnel can be used hourly or by the day. Lower overhead means lower costs for the client.

22 Project Team Project Team agencies provide research, copywriting, creative execution and media placement for a lower cost than a Full Service agency on a per project basis.

23 Creative Boutique Boutiques are agencies that develop a message, but outsource the design, production and media placement.

24 Limited Service Only specializes in one aspect of a campaign, often on a fee basis. Examples of that one aspect could include: Media, Copy, Art, Production, Sweepstakes, PR, or Promotions.

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