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Scientific Theory NS3310 Dr. Brad Hoge.

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1 Scientific Theory NS3310 Dr. Brad Hoge

2 How is Science Done? Camanicules


4 Scientific Theory Observations (facts) Laws Data Predictions

5 Areas of Science Pure Science Applied Science

6 Tools of Science Experimentation Mathematical Modeling Technology
Laboratory Field Mathematical Modeling Technology Social Context

7 Branches of Science Physical Sciences Earth Sciences Life Sciences
Physics Chemistry Astronomy Cosmology Earth Sciences Geology Oceanography Meteorology Astronomy Life Sciences Biology Behavioral Sciences Social Sciences

8 Unifying Theories Big Bang / Standard Model / Supersymmetry / String Theory Thermodynamics Special Relativity Quantum Mechanics Plate Tectonics Evolution

9 What Science Isn’t – Part I
Engineering Mathematics Technology Medicine Philosophy

10 What Science Isn’t – Part II
Pseudoscience Mystical Thinking Consilience?

11 Key Concepts Science is a philosophy of inquiry
Science starts with careful observation Science is a human endeavor There are many ways to do science Science relies on falsifiability Unifying Theories provide predictability A concept which can not be falsified is not science

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