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Medieval Architecture Ms. Catsos Western Civilization.

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1 Medieval Architecture Ms. Catsos Western Civilization

2 Essential Questions How did architecture change during the Middle Ages? What techniques define Gothic architecture? What does architecture reveal about the values and worldviews of medieval people?

3 Two Styles Romanesque: 500-1000 Gothic: 1050-1400

4 Romanesque Architecture Describe this Church. Why do you think this style was called Romanesque?

5 Early Middle Ages- Romanesque Architecture Reflected Roman influences Like fortresses: thick walls and towers Roof was a barrel vault, a long tunnel of stone Very few or no windows

6 Romanesque Floor Plan What is this floor plan symbolic of?

7 Romanesque Interior Round arches Simple ceiling Dark with few windows

8 Gothic Architecture Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris At first glance, how is it different from Romanesque churches?

9 Gothic Architecture Pointed arches Flying buttresses Stained glass windows Elaborate, ornate interior Taller and more airy- let in light Elaborate, larger than life sculpture

10 St. Denis Cathedral, Paris Abbot Suger hoped that St. Denis would “shine with wonderful and uninterrupted light” One of the first truly “gothic” Cathedrals

11 Interior of St. Denis Above: A round “rose window” Right: Tall, pointed arches with stained glass windows

12 Saint Denis: Ribbed vaulting

13 Notre Dame, Paris, 1163-1250


15 Flying ButtressesThree Stories

16 Notre Dame Cathedral flying buttresses

17 Gargoyle of Notre Dame Cathedral

18 Stained Glass Windows Show Bible stories, saints, or Christian symbols Every panel is a different color


20 Which cathedral is an example of Romanesque architecture (early middle ages)? Which is an example of Gothic architecture (late middle ages)? Provide at least 3 ways you know you are right for each. #1 #2

21 Response Questions What was the purpose of the cathedral in medieval times? Why were medieval cathedrals called “stone bibles”? How could cathedrals help Christianity grow stronger? What does architecture reveal about the values and worldviews of medieval people?

22 Task: Stained glass window Select a religious scene and create a drawing in the style of a stained glass window. Use a different section for each color. In 2-3 sentences, write a description of your scene and of the techniques that you used.

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