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Drawing Desk Educational Technology Syed Alishah.

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1 Drawing Desk Educational Technology Syed Alishah

2 Drawing desk is an app equipped with 4 drawing modes kids desk, doodle desk, sketch desk, and photo desk. I am using kids desk for my fraction activity. Kids desk allow kids to use 3D brushes, stamps, and various brushes to create an art work. About Drawing Desk

3 With in the app you can Draw using different brushes Write Create 3D effects Use stamps Edit images and photos And share their work via Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, and Instagram Components of Drawing Desk

4 Drawing desk is a great learning tool and can be used for any grade level K-12. This app incorporates art with the content area subjects and allows students to be creative as well as learning new concepts. Using Drawing Desk in the Classroom

5 Students can use this app to make outlines or create graphic organizers for their Writing assignments and make their assignment unique by using various colors, styles, and brushes. In Science students can draw and label such as showing a life cycle of a plant, water cycle, or the 4 Seasons. In social studies, students can create time lines, learn to draw the flags of North American Countries, and make a T chart of our wants and needs. Some uses of Drawing Desk

6 I am using this app to create a fractions practice for my second grade students. I used my second grader son to draw and show some fractions such as halves, one fourths, and three fourths. Learning Fractions Using Drawing Desk

7 App Trial Lets practice basic Fractions

8 Steps to Create a Fractions Activity Step one : select a color pencil of your choice and write the fraction such as 1/2 You can select the brush and choose the size of your pencil.

9 Step two: Select the color pencil of your choice and draw the shape to represent the fraction such as dividing the shape into 2 parts and shade one part of the picture to represent the fraction.

10 Step three: when done you can share your drawing on Social media.

11 This us how the final product will look like.

12 some more uses of Drawing Desk to learn and practice fractions

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