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Pregnancy is a time of anticipation and preparation Some parents worry about meeting the demands of the baby Parents must prepare for their changing responsibilities.

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2 Pregnancy is a time of anticipation and preparation Some parents worry about meeting the demands of the baby Parents must prepare for their changing responsibilities Need good time-management skills Develop a basic daily schedule

3 Not always easy for children to accept a new baby All of the sudden their world is turned upside down They have to share parents’ attention, toys, and space Many children are happy to have sibling and look forward to helping care for them Children need to be prepared for new baby’s arrival Children make show jealousy, confusion, excitement, or love Adjusting takes time

4 Basic supplies for baby can be overwhelming Decisions need to be made

5 Newborns may sleep as many as 18 to 22 hours a day Some parent’s feel baby sleeps better in their room, due to late night feedings Some share a room with siblings Baby needs to feel comfortable

6 Crib safety is important Slats should be no more than 2 3/8” apart Paint should be lead free Corner posts should all be same height When sides are lowered, they should be 9 inches above the mattress. When raised, they should be 26 inches from mattress. Latch to raise and lower should lock securely Mattress should be firm and fit crib exactly

7 Soft bedding should not be used due to suffocation End panels should not have cutouts. If they do, they should be small If crib was pre-owned, it should be checked to make sure it meets safety standards

8 Needs to be an area where baby can be changed and dressed A changing table or any sturdy, flat surface will work Should be covered with cloth or towel that can be washed Some changing tables come with rails and straps to help secure baby HOWEVER, baby should never be left unattended no matter what!!!

9 Must decide whether to breast or bottle feed baby Several factors to consider Advantages and disadvantages to both Breast milk has many benefits and is recommended by Health care professionals Using bottles enables father or caregivers to feed baby Bottle-fed babies drink formula Formula is a mixture of milk or milk substitutes, water, and essential nutrients Comes in either powdered or liquid form

10 Before baby is born, parents should choose a doctor to care for the child A Pediatrician is a doctor who specializes in treating children Some families choose a family doctor or family practice medical group Parents can ask their doctors, family, and friends for recommendations Parents should interview doctor Considerations when choosing a doctor: Location Hours Fees Which insurance is accepted? Do you feel comfortable with the doctor?

11 Prenatal care is an important expense. Prenatal care cost, having a baby expenses, supporting a baby expenses = lots of money! A budget is a spending plan that people use to help estimate their present and future income Allows people to set goals for saving and to develop a spending plan that meets their needs First step is to identify income Second is to list where income goes

12 Fixed expense is a payment that generally cannot be changed, such as car payment, housing payment and expenses, and taxes A flexible expense is an expense that can be changed, such as food costs, household items, clothes, and entertainment

13 Health care costs for pregnancy and childbirth can be high This includes doctors’ fees and the cost of staying in the hospital or birthing center Most health insurance plans will cover expenses, but only if woman has insurance coverage at the time she becomes pregnant If no insurance, some hospitals have free or lower-cost clinics to help Some will arrange for payment plans Also some government programs that offer financial assistance

14 Many employers offer health insurance to their employees, and these plans often cover their spouses and children Workers should find out what part of the expenses insurance will cover If employers do not offer insurance, people can purchase their own Carefully check the cost of insurance and know exactly what services it will cover Some plans pay doctors and hospitals directly and others require the insured person to pay and submit a claim for reimbursement

15 Once parents have developed a budget, they need to review their options for child care Must consider many factors when deciding how to care for their child Each other’s goals Skills Time available Will one parents be able to cut back on working hours or stay home? What other child care options are available, and what are the costs

16 Many new parents who work take maternity or paternity leave Maternity leave is time taken off work by a mother after birth of a baby Paternity leave is when the father takes time off Under the Family Medical Leave Act, employers with more than 50 workers must offer 12 weeks of unpaid family or medical leave to new mother s and fathers Many do not take 12 weeks due to financial reasons Many employers offer full or partial pay

17 Couples sometimes decide that one parent will care for the child and not work In the past, it was usually the mother, today many fathers are full-time caregivers Both parents should share the work of caring for their children

18 Other costs besides health care Maternity clothes Formula, if a baby is bottle-fed Substitute child care Diapering needs Clothing Feeding equipment Bedding Bathing and other supplies Travel equipment

19 Once a list of expected expenses are made, parents can compare them to their income and savings May be necessary to cut back on flexible expenses If mother works outside the home, she should consider whether her income will be disrupted when baby arrives Parents who save will have easier time Bottom line…..babies cost lots of money and you need to save for them

20 Several ways to reduce costs Shop for baby clothes at yard sales, store sales, or secondhand stores Use coupons Borrow baby equipment and clothes from family and friends who have had babies Clean equipment Make sure it meets safety standards Car seats should not be bought used or more than five years old Never put a child age 12 or under in the front seat of a car that has passenger air bags

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