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And. SHAPE Theodor Geisel, a.k.a. Dr. Seuss Lines & Shapes create art compositions.

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1 and


3 Theodor Geisel, a.k.a. Dr. Seuss

4 Lines & Shapes create art compositions

5 A shape is one of The 7 Art Element. A shape is made with a line that ends at the same point where it began, creating an enclosed space. Definition

6 A shape has only 2 dimensions; height (top to bottom) and width (side to side). height width

7 Lines Make Shapes Curved Shapes Curved Lines will create Curved Shapes

8 Lines Make Shapes Straight Shapes Straight Lines will create Straight Shapes

9 Types of Shapes Geometric and Organic 2 Basic Types of Shapes Joan Miro’

10 Basic geometric shapes include; circle oval square rectangle triangle diamond Geometric Shapes

11 Geometric shapes can be measured and calculated mathematically. In art class we can use rulers, compasses, and templates to create perfect geometric shapes… …or you can just do your best to create your geometric shapes free hand. Either way will be acceptable. It’s up to you to decide the style of artwork you will be creating.

12 have irregular outlines. Types of Shapes? Organic Shapes

13 Geometric Shapes with Organic Edges

14 Shapes Can Show Action

15 Face Shapes oval round egg-shaped heart-shaped Next week we will learn more about Drawing Faces when we start creating our Fractured Portraits Drawing Faces Fractured Portraits

16 MIND MAP OF ELEMENTS Now add SHAPE to your Mind Map of Elements.


18 Definition? An object that has 3 dimensions: height width depth

19 Shapes and Forms are similar but not exactly the same. What is a Form? Shapes are flat, they have only 2 dimensions: height and width. Forms have 3 dimensions: height, width, and depth.

20 a square shape becomes a cube form a triangle shape becomes a cone form Shapes to Forms a circle shape becomes a spherical form a rectangle shape becomes a cylindrical form

21 Creating Depth Artists use shading to create depth and the illusion of form. The shading indicates depth by creating shadows.

22 A short demonstration on How to Draw 3-D Forms

23 MIND MAP OF ELEMENTS Now add FORM to your Mind Map of Elements.

24 Expressive Lines Resist We will now start an art piece using oil pastels and watercolor paint.

25 Pass Out Ticket Compare the Shapes and Forms: How did the objects change when shading was added? Which are the more interesting: shapes or forms? Can a combination of each be used?

26 Videos ements_shape&page=1 Excellent for drawing forms

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