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Respiratory System Parts & Function.

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1 Respiratory System Parts & Function

2 Nasal Cavity / Nose Organ where air enters the respiratory system
Nasal Nares entrance to nasal cavities Mucous lined Cavities Moisten/Warm Air Smell

3 Pharynx Tube that leads air from nose/mouth. 3 sections Nasopharynx
behind nasal cavities oropharynx back of mouth laryngopharynx bottom of throat. Air/Food share

4 Larynx Voice Box Below the Pharynx. Made of cartilage rings.
Vibrate with air to create sounds Adam's apple

5 Epiglottis Cartilage flap that covers the larynx opening when swallowing food or water. Directs food to esophagus Prevents them from entering lungs.

6 Trachea Windpipe Extends from larynx to bronchi.
Made of sturdy cartilage

7 Bronchi / Bronchial Tree
Branches off the Trachea. Direct air into lungs. Primary first branch that leads into the lung Secondary are those that branch off primary, smaller. There are 10 Tertiary Bonchi

8 Lungs Large organs where gas exchange is facilitated.
Divided up into 10 sub-compartments called Lobes, Right is smaller due to heart

9 Parietal Pleura The Pleural lining that covers the inside of the chest wall/ribs

10 Pleural Space The space between the Parietal and Visceral Pleura
Filled with a small amount of fluid Reduce Friction

11 Visceral Pleura The Pleural Lining that covers the lungs

12 Diaphragm Smooth Muscle Causes Inspiration Dome Shaped.
"engine" for the respiratory System. Causes Inspiration Dome Shaped. Separates Thorasic/Abdominal Cavity. Flattens w/ Inspiration

13 Primary Bronchi Right and Left Branches off the Trachea
Direct Air into the Right and Left Lungs

14 Bronchioles Another Name for Tertiary Bronchi
They Branch off into the different lobes of the lungs

15 Respiratory Bronchiole
Terminal Bronchiole Directs Air into the Alveolar Ducts/Sacs

16 Alveolar Ducts Smaller tubes that branch off the bronchioles in the lungs. Direct gasses into/out of the alveolar sac

17 Alveoli / Alveolar Sac Alveolar Sac Alveoli
A collection of smaller sacs Bunch of Grapes Alveoli Small Sac within the “bunch” Lined with Capillaries Gas Exchange

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