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“All sports for all people” Pierre de Coubertin “Wealth is nothing without health” a proverb.

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2 “All sports for all people” Pierre de Coubertin “Wealth is nothing without health” a proverb

3 Sport in our life Warming up Speaking Listening Working over the text Projects Singing a song Homework

4 Boxing sailing rowing rugby weightlifting athletics wrestling figure skating field hockey

5 Fencing water polo athlete ancient Greece oratory theatre performances pentathlon chariot races success Christian era

6 The International Olympic Committee to take part to break a record to win the competition to win the prize indoor games outdoor games

7 “History of the Olympic Games” Divide the text into two logical parts and give them the title

8 Find in the text -Первые (впервые появившиеся ) олимпийские игры -в начале христианской эры -игры были возобновлены -способ чествовать своих богов -способ прославить спортивные таланты -на которой основывается современное олимпийское движение - в честь Зевса

9 -состязание в беге -борьба, пятиборье, гонки на колесницах -вернуть Олимпийские игры к жизни -поддержали его идею - Олимпиады проводятся под руководством Международного олимпийского комитета

10 Finish the sentences The original Greek games took place … The Olympic Games were renewed … The main difference between the ancient and modern Olympics is … The original Olympics included … According to the earliest records … The 18 th Olympics included …

11 Pierre de Coubertin, a French nobleman, had … They agreed that … A second Olympiad was held … Beginning in 1924 … The Olympics are governed by …

12 Answer these questions 1.Were did the Olympic Games begin? 2. How often did the Games take place in ancient times? 3. Did the original Olympic Games consist only of sports competitions? 4. What was the only athletic event that was held in the ancient Olympics? 5. Could woman take part in the ancient Olympics?

13 6. Whose idea was it to bring the Olympic Games back to life? 7. In what city were the first modern Olympic Games held? 8. What country hosted the second modern Olympiad? 9. When are the Winter Olympic Games held now?

14 Make up some dialogues 1.The Olympic Games in ancient times. 2. The Olympic Games in modern times. 3. Sports and Games you like best.


16 XV Summer Olympic Games were held in Barselona in Spain in 1992

17 rowing badminton basketball baseball boxing fighting cycle racing volleyball handball gymnastics judo horse racing athletics table tennis sailing swimming shooting tennis fencing football Field hockey

18 The combined team won the Olympic Games and it got 45 gold medals,38 silver and 29 bronze medals

19 The 21 st Winter Olympic Games (12 th to 28 th of February) were held in Vancouver, Canada in 2010 “With glowing hearts” -Figure skating -Ice hockey -Freestyle skiing -Snowboarding -Bobsleigh

20 The 22 nd Summer Olympic games were held in Moscow in 1980 (From July 19 to August 3) -Swimming -Jumping -Wrestling -Cycling -Gymnastics -Running -Football 80 gold, 69 silver, 46 bronze medals

21 The 29 th Summer Olympic Games were held in Peking, China in 2008 - Rowing -Volleyball -Fencing -Cycling -Boxing -Swimming 73 medals: 23 gold,21 silver, 29 bronze

22 The 28 th Summer Olympic Games were held in Athens, Greece in 2004 -Running -Jumping -Weightlifting -Horse racing -Swimming - Volleyball 92 medals: 27 gold, 27 silver, 38 bronze

23 The 30 th Summer Olympic Games will be held in London in 2012 (July 27 to 12 August) -Rowing -Sailing -Badminton -Swimming -Gymnastics -Field hockey - Table tennis

24 The 22 nd Winter Olympic games will be held in Sochi, Russia in 2014 -Figure skating -Hockey -Bobsleigh -Skiing

25 The 19 th Winter Olympic Games were held in Nagano, Japan in 1998 - Ski jumping -Skating -Figure skating -Hockey -Bobsleigh -Sledging 18 medals: 9 gold, 6 silver, 3 bronze

26 The 20 th winter Olympic Games were held in Turin, Italia in 2006 -Skating -Hockey -Figure skating -Ski racing -Kurling -Bobsleigh 8 gold, 6 silver, 8 bronze medals

27 The 19 th Winter Olympic Games were held in Salt-Lake City in 2002 -Ski racing -Figure skating -Hockey -Kurling 5 gold, 4 silver, 4 bronze medals

28 The 23 rd Summer Olympic Games were held in Los- Angeles, The USA in 1984 -Rowing -Wrestling -Cycling -Sailing -Horse racing -Jumping The USA won 83 medals The team from the former Soviet Union didn’t take part in these games

29 The 18 th Winter Olympic Games were held in Lillehamer in 1994 -Skating -Hockey -Figure skating -Skiing -Bobsleigh 11 gold, 8 silver, 4 bronze medals Russia won the first prize

30 Quiz 1.Where did the 22 nd Summer Olympic Games take place?: a) in the USA b) in Moscow c) In Vancouver

31 2. This is the talisman of the Olympic Games, which were held : a)In Athens b)in Turin c)In London

32 3. When will the Olympic Games be held in Sochi? a) in 2014 b) in 2013 c) in 2015

33 4. “With glowing hearts” was the slogan of the Olympic Games: a) Lillehamer b) Vancouver c) Moscow


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