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2 About Us  Destiny Inc is a leading software development company in India. We focus on Product development, Custom Software development, Training and consultancy services. It provides you a full cycle software development from ideas, architecture, and development services. The staff is the key value of the corporate culture. The essential part of company’s employee development is global training program and knowledge sharing environment development including implementation of tools to support communication, collaboration, document sharing, knowledge sharing with geographically distributed development, business, infrastructure and other teams.  The company structure is the result of long-term partnerships arrangements. The global environment together with vertical and solution expertise of IT specialists provides scalability and high quality of the performed services.

3 Technology Expertise We are experts in  J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, JSF etc  Dot Net, Silverlight, MVC etc  PHP, MySQL, Joomla, Megento and more  HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Flash, ActionScripts, Adobe Flex etc  AJAX, DOJO, Javascript etc We are now expanding to  j2ME, Anthroid application development, Apple iPhone Development etc

4 Services  Products Pharma ERP ISO Manager Online Ordering system  Software Development Web Development Web Designing Multi Language Web Site Game Development Research and Development E-commerce Search Engine Optimization

5 Products  Pharma ERP – a comphrehensive and affodable ERP product for SMEs Technology : J2EE, Spring, Hibernate Adobe Flex  ISO Manager – a complete system in compliance ISO Standards. Technology : Dot Net, MySQL  Online Ordering system – customizable online ordering solution for any business Technology : PHP, Joomla, Virtumart, MySQL

6 Software Development  Destiny Inc is a custom software company located in Chennai, India We offer full cycle software development from Ideas, Architecture, Development to services. Our software development is named as Era. Destiny Inc has a solid experience in development of custom solutions. Thoroughly analyzing your business needs, industry and product requirements.  We deliver tailored cost-competitive, scalable and robust solutions is what distinguishes our company from thousands of other totally professional services. We are focusing towards the new technologies which make your business successful. Our R&D Lab are working in the area of programming methodologies which makes your application most robustness, scalability and future proof.

7 Web Development  Destiny Inc is rapidly growing Web development company. We are specialize in the development of web applications that enables implementation of business strategies over the internet offering unparalleled freedom. We develop elegant and powerful web solution that simply work. Over the years we have managed to build a solid team of web development professionals that comes from various backgrounds and expand the creative potential of the company. We provide web development services in the following technologies.

8 Web Designing  Destiny Inc is a leading Web Design company delivering exceptional website designs. We build sites that customers return to over and over, and offer creative and productive professional solutions. We are specialist in developing websites with creative and globalization techniques. We have the proven experience and expertise in designing website that successes by bringing in enquiries, Which generated sales and are an asset to your business as a website design company we offer a full-circle approach in website design and development where the actual web designing effect covers only 50% of the entire project; our website designing services covers strategic planning, creativity, application development, service promotion and solution maintenance.

9 Multi Language Web Site  Multi Language Website of a site means here that the same textual content is available to users in different language versions, for all or at least some of the pages. Normally each page is in one language only, at least for the most of it. Sometimes multi language can be implemented so that one page contains texts in different languages. However, this is usually practical only if there are just a few languages and the texts are short, e.g. on a page where the main content is an image, accompanied with short captions in two or a few languages. In most cases, separate pages in separate languages are needed.  The internet continues to grow and has become the default point of call for businesses and individuals searching for goods, services or information. For businesses wishing to get that competitive advantage, a multi language website now presents one of the most high impact means of expanding a client base and securing greater sales volumes.

10 Research and Development  Destiny Inc has announced the opening of an R&D Lab in Chennai,India. Our Technology Labs Initials working on systems integration and software engineering R&D, with a focus on reducing the cost and improving the quality of technology solution delivery. In Madurai, our research team will be able to interact directly with the teams responsible for some of Galaxy Crop's largest and most complex systems integration projects. This will provide a rich environment for understanding real-world problems in software engineering and for testing new tools, techniques and architectures.

11 E-Commerce  Destiny Inc has a good experience in E-Commerce applications. E-Commerce is also known as electronic commerce consist primarily of buying, Selling, Marketing and service of the products. This is Just as the same as normal day life commerce but all the happenings are through distance electronic media and this needs a very high end security and genuinely trust worthy in an another word this is a electronic business with an aim to reach commercial transitions.

12 Search Engine Optimization  The Internet Marketing Division of Destiny Inc provides services for marketing the customer’s website and making it popular by registering it with leading search engines and tracking the response to the website. With over a billion web pages vying for attention, website marketing tactics are crucial. Destiny Inc specializes in helping websites succeed. Its affordable search engine positioning packages can get a website the top rankings and traffic it deserves.  Destiny Inc works with the customer to develop a complete website marketing strategy which helps build viewer trust and loyalty and find affordable online advertising opportunities. All search engines have certain criteria for indexing and ranking websites. The more criteria a webpage meets, the higher is its search engine ranking. Web Marketing specialists at Destiny Inc analyze the customer’s homepage and prepare detailed reports on the ‘search engine friendliness’ of the site, recommending the changes and adjustments necessary to boost the website’s ranking.

13 Search Engine Optimization  Destiny Inc ’s e-Promote services are listing services ranging from basic to professional, wherein the website can be listed in 11 to over 2000 search engines, links and directories with features like doorway pages and daily traffic reports. Destiny Inc also has maintenance plans, designed to retain the ranking obtained during the initial web marketing contract. This is necessary because of changing search engine algorithms as well as the efforts of competitive websites. Destiny Inc’s website promotion methods have been thoroughly researched and tested and are proven means of adding and retaining the viewer’s eyeballs on a particular website.

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