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Continents and Oceans Lisa Oberholtzer.

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1 Continents and Oceans Lisa Oberholtzer

2 4th Grade Geography In this activity:
After viewing a PowerPoint presentation, students will Identify and name the seven continents, given a map, students will Identify and name the five oceans, and then Complete a writing activity using the listing the continents and oceans. In this activity:

3 Content Standard: 3.0 Geography enables the students to see, understand and appreciate the web of relationships between people, places, and environments. Students will use the knowledge, skills, and understanding of concepts within the six essential elements of geography: world in spatial terms, environment and society, environment and society places and regions, physical systems, human systems, and the uses of geography.

4 Learning expectations:
3.01 Understand how to use maps, globes, and other geographic representations, tools, and technologies to acquire, process, and report information from a spatial perspective.

5 The Continents About one third of the earth is made up of land areas.
The large land areas are called continents. There are seven continents

6 The Seven Continents The seven continents are Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and Antarctica.

7 The Seven Continents Europe Asia North America Africa Australia
South America Antarctica

8 Oceans About two thirds of the earth is covered by water.
Oceans are the largest areas of water on the earth. There are five oceans.

9 Oceans The five oceans are the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Arctic Ocean and the Southern Ocean.

10 The Five Oceans Arctic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Ocean Indian Ocean Pacific
Southern Ocean

11 Quiz: Name that Continent
The following quiz is consists of seven multiple choice questions. Directions: Click on the right answer to progress to the next question. The wrong answer will allow you to try again. Click on the arrow to begin.

12 Name that continent Europe Africa North America

13 Wrong, try again

14 Congraulations!!!

15 Name that continent Asia North America South America

16 Wrong answer, try again

17 Congratulations! You did it!

18 Name the yellow continent
Africa Europe Australia

19 Oops! Wrong answer, try again

20 Congratulations! You did it!

21 Name that continent Antarctica Asia Europe

22 Wrong answer, try again.

23 Congratulations! You did it!

24 Name the purple shaded continent
Antarctica South America Asia

25 Wrong answer, please try again

26 Super Job! You are so right!

27 Name that continent Africa Asia Europe

28 Wrong answer, try again

29 Awesome!

30 Name that Continent South America Europe Australia

31 Wrong answer, try again

32 Great Job!

33 End of quiz

34 Make learning fun. Click on the hyperlinks below to enhance your learning experience and complete your writing activity.

35 Writing Activity Use the hyperlinks and PowerPoint to write a paragraph including the following: The meaning of the words continent and ocean List the 7 continents List the 4 oceans

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