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Creative Writing Expectations 2013-2014. Class info This class is going to stretch your imagination! If you don’t like to write (or feel you don’t have.

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1 Creative Writing Expectations 2013-2014

2 Class info This class is going to stretch your imagination! If you don’t like to write (or feel you don’t have enough imagination for it), you will not like this class. Some papers will be lengthy while others will be brief. One paper you will spend much of second quarter writing. This will be conferenced with the entire class, and an entire class period will be spent discussing your individual paper. Sometimes you will have a week to write a paper; other times you might have a day. The main thing about this class is that you need to be ready to write.

3 Supplies computer notebook pocket folder pens/pencils

4 Classroom Rules 1.Show respect for teachers, peers, yourself, and property 2.Nothing flies in this room 3.Be prepared for learning 1.take care of drinks and restroom visits between classes 2.bring supplies IN YOUR SEAT by the time the bell rings in order to not be counted tardy physically and mentally present 4.Do your best work at all times not plagiarize from another classmate or any other source 2.get your assignments done and turned in on time 5.Electronic devices will be out of sight (and out of mind)

5 Consequences Failure to follow Rules 1 & 2 will result in a 15- minute detention served with Mrs. Hemer within three days of the offense. For Rule 3, if you feel the need to return to your locker, use the restroom, or get a drink after the bell has rung, you will choose to give up one (1) point from your daily grade.

6 Consequences, continued Here is the ESC High School policy for Rule 4 a: – Plagiarism is the practice of taking someone else’s work, ideas, or visuals/pictures and passing them off as one’s own. If any of the work on your paper is not your own and you have failed to make this clear to your instructor, then you are deliberately defrauding your teacher, and you are guilty of plagiarism. Students who purposely and clearly plagiarize will automatically receive a “0” on the plagiarized work. Consequences Any student caught deliberately cheating or obviously plagiarizing on schoolwork will receive a failing score and will have no opportunity to submit another piece of work. Any student cooperating in a situation involving cheating or plagiarism is subject to the same consequences. The teacher of the class in which the offense occurred will issue a referral to be kept on file in the principal’s office. Parents/guardians will be notified with a letter signed by both the student and the teacher of the class in which the work was plagiarized. Parents/guardians will then sign the letter and the student will return the letter to the teacher.

7 Consequences (last one!) – For Rule 4 b, if you fail to turn in an assignment, I will follow the East Sac policy. If the assignment is turned in within five days, you lose 30% of the grade. If it’s turned in after five days, you’ll only receive 50%. ALL assignments must be completed by the end of the quarter, or you will receive an incomplete/failing grade. I will NOT be giving any extra days after the close of the quarter. – See the ESC Student Handbook for Rule 5. If the device is out, it will be confiscated and turned in to the office.

8 Grading Grades are posted by your student number every week on the door. If you have questions about your grade, talk to me between classes. Do not try to ask me about your grade in the middle of class. Weight – The work for this class will be weighted as follows: Papers – 70% Assignments/homework – 15% Daily grade/participation – 15%

9 Daily Grade & Rewards Daily Grade – Each day you will be graded on your classroom performance. I will keep track to see if you are on task or easily distracted from your work. Each day is worth five points. These points are how a lot of grades drop each week. Reward yourself – earn easy points! – Have your parent attend conferences1 point – Attend conferences with your parent2 points – Bring in a box of tissues or a bottle of hand sanitizer or bleach wipes4 points (1x/quarter)

10 Absent Work If you ever are absent from class, YOU are in charge of finding out what you need to do. You will be given one (1) day to get the work in from when you were absent, and then it will be counted late. If you know ahead of time that you will be gone, I want ALL work completed and handed in to me BEFORE you leave. Everyone gets equal time to complete an assignment.

11 Room Stuff… Supplies Check out sheet How to turn in work Computers

12 Class Website Email Address

13 Finally… If you ever need extra help or have any questions about an assignment, I will be available before and after school and during 4 th period. Have a GREAT year!

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