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Home-Start The UK’s leading family support charity Home-Start ‘Unpacked’

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1 Home-Start The UK’s leading family support charity Home-Start ‘Unpacked’

2 1 Home-Start ‘Unpacked’ The Home-Start Model Home-Start offers one to one, personalised support for parents with children under five; reaching out to families at risk of social exclusion, including those who do not engage with other services. Home-Start places trained volunteers alongside parents. Support is tailored to the individual needs of each family and is provided for as long as the family needs it. Volunteers are managed and supervised by their local Home-Start scheme which is in turn supported by Home- Start UK; a community resource with all the benefits of a strong national organisation.

3 2 Home-Start “Home-Start provides an essential support service to vulnerable families and has been dedicated to improving the lives and well- being of children and their families for many years. A central component of Home-Start service is to provide support early, before family problems or pressures evolve into deeper and more challenging forms of family crisis. This early intervention approach enables families to strengthen their own capabilities and gives them a vital source of sustained support. Given the difficult social and economic forces that are currently affecting families across the country, it is my hope that Home- Start will continue to steadfastly support vulnerable families.” Graham Allen MP, January 2012

4 3 Home-Start The Home-Start Approach A Four Stage Process 1. ENGAGEMENT 2. MATCHING 3. PARENT TO PARENT SUPPORT (within a framework of structured professional assessment) 4. ENDINGS

5 4 Home-Start ‘Unpacked’ Over almost forty years Home-Start’s much admired parent to-parent home visiting support model has been developed and refined. This workshop will explore ways in which the Home-Start service, which has preventative support at it’s core, can be deployed with families with varying tiers of need. Case studies will illustrate the reality and potential of local flexibility and responsiveness and………

6 5 Home-Start ‘Unpacked’ Explore routes to access our specialist programmes in support such as: Healthy child and parent programmes School ready/home learning environment programmes Safeguarding Maximising Income

7 6 Home-Start ‘Unpacked’ Home visiting support complimented by family groups focused support & specialist programmes STARTING YOUNG Healthy cooking, eating & food hygiene programmes ACTIVE TOTS Physical activities & games ADDITIONAL & ADVANCED TRAINING In partnership with specialist agencies PROVISION OF Safety equipment & resources SPECIALIST/FOCUS GROUPS & SUPPORT Providing support in response to diverse need SAFEGUARDING Comprehensive, staged training programmes & specialist support SAFEGUARDING & PROMOTING CHILDREN’S WELFARE MENTAL HEALTH & WELL BEING ASPIRATIONS & POSTIVE PARENTING POVERTY &LOW INCOME VOLUNTEERS REACH & INCLUSION SAFETY & ACCIDENT PREVENTION PHYSICAL HEALTH Home-Start Home visiting service MIMS – mums in mind PNI courses & support groups for parents SELF ESTEEM Confidence building courses & groups ENJOY & ACHIEVE Learning through play PARENTING & BESPOKE Home-Start courses MAXIMISING INCOME PROJECT Supporting families to access additional benefits INSPIRE TO ASPIRE Supporting parental engagement in early learning

8 7 Home-Start ‘Unpacked’ Safeguarding & promoting children’s welfare Promoting positive attachment and protective factors; Trained staff and volunteers at ALL levels of need; Integrated working —CAF, TAC, CiN and CP support; Information sharing; Early intervention; Trust and disclosure; Prevent crisis; Support through crisis *DFE Working together to safeguard children Mental health & well being Supporting parents who are isolated or suffering from depression, post natal illness or bereavement; Reacting to disclosures of past trauma; Emotional support; Attending appointments & accessing other services; Broaden social networks. Aspiration & positive parenting Support to provide the physical and emotional care for children through role-modelling, encouragement; Support to access children’s centres, support groups, parenting courses, libraries; Offering advocacy and transition support *DOH Healthy child programme

9 8 Home-Start ‘Unpacked’ Poverty & low income Support with budgeting, shopping and accessing benefits; Signposting and advocacy to access legal, financial, debt and housing advice; Transport to appointments; Free social events and outings. *DFE New approach to child poverty Reach & inclusion Supporting families with diverse backgrounds and cultures; Meeting the diverse needs of all groups including: rurally isolated families, travellers, teenage & single parents, parents with learning disabilities, physically disabled * DFE & DOH Supporting families in the foundation years Safety & accident prevention Supporting families where domestic violence, drugs or alcohol are issues; Advice and information regarding safety in the home; Fire prevention; Hygiene and travel and road safety; Challenging anti- social behaviour. *DCLG troubled families team

10 9 Home-Start ‘Unpacked’ Volunteers Our work with volunteers support Community capacity building; Supporting local people to gain skills and qualifications leading to further training, education and employment; Promoting active citizenship through volunteering; 40 hour volunteer training course and ongoing development training; Comprehensive support and supervision * DOH Strategic vision for volunteering * Examples of relevant national strategies

11 10 Home-Start ‘Unpacked’ EVERYONE KNOWS HOME-START………. …….OR DO THEY?

12 11 Home-Start ‘Unpacked’ Does this case study change your perception or understanding of the support Home-Start schemes can provide? If so, how? What, if anything, stood out for you in terms of the support provided or the process in place? How are families with similar issues supported in your area? Does Home-Start provide support in your locality? Has this case study raised any questions for you about the Home-Start service?

13 12 Home-Start ‘Unpacked’ Locating & contacting your local Home-Start schemes: For more information on our specialist services contact: Home-Start UK 0116 258 7900 Alternatively contact: Kate Malloch or Fiona Hill Social Policy Advisor & L &D Specialist & VIMS Project Manager Inspire to Aspire Project Manager 020 7269 6973 01327 262963

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