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Engineering Michael Blaker, Michael Burger-Ellis, Justan Bowers,

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1 Engineering Michael Blaker, Michael Burger-Ellis, Justan Bowers,
Joshua Counts, and Edison Wong

2 Turbine Cooling Engineer
Requirements: Bachelors Degree in Mechanical engineering. Responsibilities: make sure fluids flow, Be able to repair Jets, Planes, and energy producing equipment Annual Salary: $79,680-$90,550 Fix, repair, and maintain the turbines absolute best condition Michael Blaker

3 Petroleum Engineer Design the means for retrieving oil and gas from the earth Full-time wages of a petroleum is $138,000 per year Michael Burger-Ellis

4 Thermodynamic Engineer
Job Description: Apply theories of heat and energy transfer to create physical solutions to technical problems. On average they work 40 hours a week. Annual Salary: $92,030 in 2012 Education Requirements: Bachelors Degree in related concentrations, adequate for beginning a career Justan Bowers

5 Aeronautic Engineer Salary in Michigan: $97,000- $107,000
Aeronautic Engineers deal with airflow Sciences Responsibilities: These engineers need to understand the principles of flight Education: The require a Bachelors degree in Aerospace engineering Skills: Must have good skills on Computers Joshua Counts

6 Toxicologist Responsibilities: Isolating, identifying, and measuring toxic substances or radiation and any harmful effect they have on ecosystems. Annual Salary: $72,170 Required education: Bachelor of Science, Doctor of Philosophy, or a masters in science Skills required: Identify substances, measure toxic chemicals, even radaiton Edison Wong

7 Naval Architect Annual Salary: $56,800-$140,390
Education Needed: Masters or doctoral degree in naval architecture, or marine engineering Responsibilities: Perform analysis to verify design, stability, and operation of floating systems such as a fleet Skills required: Understanding different branches of engineering Michael Blaker

8 Land Surveyor Job Description: Make precise measurements of Land
Education requirements: Bachelors Degree (entry level) Annual Salary: $56,230 Skills required: good at estimating measurements, and contouring with the ground, mapmaking of property. Michael Burger-Ellis

9 Pyrotechnician Annual Salary in Michigan: $32,083 - $48,124
Description: Licensed to transport, set up, operate, and breakdown firework basics Requirements: No education requirement found, must be at least 18 years old to become a pyrotechnician. Justan Bowers

10 Solar Energy Technician
Education required: Associates degree in Applied Sciences Skill required: Strength to lift heavy equipment, operate manual equipment, cannot be afraid of heights, attention to detailed diagrams Annual Salary: $49,000 Job Description: Works on skyscrapers, installs, fixes and operates on solar panels Joshua Counts

11 Nuclear Engineer Education Required: Bachelor Degree in Nuclear Engineering Skill Requirement: Detail-orientated, solve problems independently Annual Salary: $104,270 in 2012 Job Description: Nuclear engineers design the equipment and create the operating procedures used in nuclear power plants Edison Wong

12 Explosive Specialist Education required: High school diploma
Skills Required: Active listening, using math to solve problems, Knowledge of laws, legal codes and democratic political process Annual Salary: $49,000-$53,000 Responsibilities: Place and detonate explosives to demolish structures or to loosen earth, rock. Michael Blaker

13 Microelectronic Engineer
Required Education: Bachelors Degree in electronic engineering. Required Skills: develop plans and construct prototypes of electronic circuit chips. Annual Salary: $91,820 Michael Burger-Ellis

14 Metallurgical Laboratory Technician
Responsibilities: Perform mounting, polishing, etching and inspecting metallurgical sectioning up to the customers standards Education requirements: High School Diploma Requirements: Experience working in machined fastener facility Skills: Familiar with “SPC”, “sigma” and “Lean” principles Annual Salary: $28,000 Justan Bowers

15 Satellite Engineer Job Description: Satellite engineers design programs that direct orbiting satellites and keep them functioning properly Education Requirements: bachelor's degree in electrical, mechanical or aerospace engineering Skills Required: detail-oriented with an understanding of spacecraft subsystems, satellite communication systems, spacecraft operations and ground control systems, They must also have excellent computer skills and the ability to write software programs Annual Salary: $103,720 Joshua Counts

16 Water Plant technician
Education required: 2-year associates level training in water treatment Skills required: Capable of taking measurements and interpreting information water quality Annual Salary: $68,230. making at minimum $24 per hour The Water Quality treatment will grow about 8% between 2012 and 2022 Edison Wong

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