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EMS - Emergency Medical Services Who are these people?

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2 EMS - Emergency Medical Services Who are these people?

3 EMS - Emergency Medical Services Fire and rescue personnel

4 Police and First Responders

5 EMS - Emergency Medical Services w Ambulance personnel

6 EMS - Emergency Medical Services Aeromedical Personnel Communication personnel

7 EMS - Emergency Medical Services Nurses Command physicians

8 EMS - Emergency Medical Services Physicians Surgeons

9 EMS - Emergency Medical Services Instructors And you! Take a CPR or first aid class!

10 YOU Want to Be an EMT!

11 It is an exciting career! w You Are There First! A life could be in your hands!

12 You will learn how to w Take care Of stab wounds

13 And to w Take care of gunshot wounds.


15 And to w Splint fractures.

16 And to w Do CPR and use an AED.

17 And to w Take care of unconscious people.

18 And to take care of w Poisoning and drug overdoses w Allergic reactions w Stroke w Heart attack w Asthma w Head injuries w Back injuries w Burns w Drowning w Childbirth w Babies

19 And drive an ambulance!

20 Believe Me! YOU WANT TO BE AN EMT!

21 History of EMS in US Horse-drawn ambulances introduces in the Civil War Early motorized ambulance

22 History of EMS 1930 Ambulance Today’s Ambulance

23 Advanced Life Support! 1980 in Berks County

24 History of EMS 1960 - CPR 1966 – Portable Defibrillators 1969 – ALS – mostly in the cities 1973 – Federal legislation provides funding for development of EMS systems.

25 Levels of EMS Training ‡ First Responder ‡ Emergency Medical Technician Basic – This would be YOU. Basic – This would be YOU. Intermediate – not in PA yet Intermediate – not in PA yet Paramedic – a future goal? Paramedic – a future goal?

26 Not Just Movers and Drivers Anymore!

27 Roles and Responsibilities ‡ ‡ Personal safety ‡ Safety of crew, patient and bystanders ‡ Patient care based on assessment findings ‡ Lifting and moving patients safely ‡ ‡ Transport/transfer of care ‡ Record-keeping/ data collection ‡ Patient advocacy

28 Main Duties of the EMT w Preparation w Response w Scene control w Gaining Access w Assessment and emergency care w Disentanglement w Transfer to the ambulance w Transport to the receiving facility w Termination activities

29 ProfessionalAttributes and Traits

30 Professional Attributes and Traits ‡ ‡ Appearance ‡ Keeps knowledge and skills up to date ‡ Puts patient’s needs as a priority without endangering self ‡ Maintains current knowledge of local, state, and national issues affecting EMS


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