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Welcome to A New Way to Buy and Sell.

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1 Welcome to A New Way to Buy and Sell

2 How to Start ? Go to and you will see below homepage

3 How to Start ? Step 1 – Click on Join at right hand side on the top of page. Step 2 – Fill the required information as below. E-Mail Create a username Choose Password Answer the equation Tick in I Agree Click on Join

4 Step 4 – Login to your E-Mail to Verify your account and click on the provided link. How to Sign In ? Step 5 – After verification of your account click on Sign In at right hand side on the top of the page. Step 6 – Enter your Username/Email and Password and click Login

5 How to Use FiftyFiver ? After Login you will see the main page of your account where you can see the gigs from where you can buy any of the services or you can sell any professional service.

6 How to Sell any service Step 1 – Click on Start selling (Top of the page) Step 2 – Select Create Gig (From Dropdown menu)

7 Profile below information highlighted with red to sell your professional services Now Click on Save button and go to Home page by clicking on the top

8 Now you can see your Gig on Homepage of website and anyone can but your described service in 55$

9 You also can use another option from below Manage Gigs – You can Edit and Delete your Gigs by clicking on this option. Mange Sales – You can see the sales details by clicking on this option Revenues Details – You can see your details of payment like Total payment, Withdrawn details, Awaiting payments etc.

10 How to Buy any service At home page where you see the Gigs posted by others and if want to Buy any service then you need to click on Order now see below.

11 After clicking on Order now you will see the description of service, you need to only Click on Order Now and Enter the Paypal payment Details.

12 Other Description Inbox – You can see the messages from customers who are writing to you for any query regarding your services. Buyer – You can Manage you shopping details and payment details with Buyer option in dropdown.

13 Search – If you want to search for any specific service then you also can do that with search option.

14 Follow us – You also can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and Pinteresrt by clicking at the Bottom of Page. Terms of Service – Our terms of service are here at the bottom of the page.

15 Thanking You If you have any Questions, Inquiries or Comments then write us on-

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