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Photo Composition Week Four – DACC Basic Photography.

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1 Photo Composition Week Four – DACC Basic Photography

2 What Makes a Good Photo?

3 Composition Some of the basic theories (some say rules)

4 Rule of Thirds  The Rule of Thirds is based on the fact that the human eye is naturally drawn to a point about two-thirds up (or down) a page.

5 Rule of Thirds - examples

6 Thirds – cont.

7 Golden Rule (of Thirds)  It has been found that certain points in a picture's composition automatically attract the viewer's attention.  Similarly, many natural or man- made objects and scenes with certain proportions (whether by chance or by design) automatically please us.  Leonardo da Vinci investigated the principle that underlies our notions of beauty and harmony and called it the Golden Section.

8 Creating Balance  Many times, a smaller object can counter balance a larger object within a composition

9 Examples of Balance

10 More Balance

11 Framing the subject  Use the edge of the scene to draw attention to the subject.

12 Examples of Framing the Subject

13 More Framing

14 Provide a path through your image  Give the viewer a way to start viewing your photo, and then through composition, their eyes are drawn through your photo.

15 Bring Viewer through your photo

16 More examples

17 Work in Diagonals  One side of the picture is divided into two. Then place a corridor along this dividing line. According to the Diagonal Rule, important elements of the picture should be placed along these diagonals.

18 Diagonals

19 Repetitiveness  Photographing things that show repetition usually makes for interesting photographs

20 Repetitive Photos

21 Use your own ideas  Don't be afraid of breaking rules! As Edward Weston said, "Consulting the rules of composition before taking a photograph is like consulting the laws of gravity before going for a walk."

22 The Masters of Photography You Decide

23 Ansel Adams  Photographer of the Natural West  Large Format Photographer  Member of the f-64 group  Take a look at his photos Take a look at his photos

24 Edward Weston  Large Format Photographer  Member of f-64 group  Photographed set-up shots and the natural scene  The Family has carried on the tradition  Check out some of his photos Check out some of his photos

25 Dorothea Lange  Documentary Photography  Photojournalism  One of first artists working for FSA  Check out some of her photos Check out some of her photos

26 Richard Avedon  Fashion Photographer  Have you seen the movie “Funny Girl”  Large formats, exotic sets  Check out his pictures Check out his pictures

27 Art Sinsabaugh  Studied at Art Institute of Chicago  Founded the U of I’s photography department  Specialized in panoramic “Circuit Camera” Photography  Check out his photographs Check out his photographs

28 Life Magazine Photographers  Brought History and current events through photos to the public  Check out some of their photos Check out some of their photos

29 Other Photographers of Note  Anne Geddes Anne Geddes  Annie Leibovitz Annie Leibovitz  Henri Cartier-Bresson Henri Cartier-Bresson  W. Eugene Smith W. Eugene Smith  Diane Arbus Diane Arbus  Harry Callahan Harry Callahan  The last can go on…  Paul Strand  Edward Steichen  Andre Kertesz  Robert Maplethorpe  Alfred Steigletz  Imogene Cunningham  Jerry Uelsmann  Walker Evans  Leon Kemmener  Marty Zucker

30 Friends and Colleagues  Bruce Huff Bruce Huff  Clark Brooks Clark Brooks  Chuck Cannady Chuck Cannady  Lou McClellan Lou McClellan  Larry Kanfer Larry Kanfer And Former Students:  Becky Brown Becky Brown  Mike List Mike List  Pop Bowman  Dallas Bowman  Dale Dowers  John Milewski  Matt Huber  Orvil Stokes  Rich Stefaniak  Wilmer Zehr  Rick Danzel

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