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Basic Training on Project Proposal

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1 Basic Training on Project Proposal
Summary Project Outline (SPROUT) a standard format for a project proposal ACTRAV-Turin

2 Developing a Project Proposal
Concept of “Training System” SPROUT – model project proposal Example of a project Individual activity Presentation of workplan

3 Concept of “Training System”
Training System Chart Analysis of Training Policies Definition of Training Needs Definition of Initial Situation Definition of Exit Profile Definition of Selection of Methods, Media, Activities, etc.

4 Training System Chart Analysis of Trade Union Training Policies
Analysis of Initial Situation (target group) Definition of Training Needs Analysis of Exit Profile (roles/functions) Specification of Training Objectives Design, elaboration and implementation of Evaluation Selection, design and elaboration of training means and methods Organization of Resources

5 Analysis of Training Policies
Values, Principles and Justifications Priorities Training Strategies Resources

6 Definition of Training Needs
Qualitative definition the nature of training needs Quantitative number persons to be trained duration of training required

7 Definition of Initial Situation
Target group Entry conditions Resources available Constraints Past experiences

8 Definition of Exit Profile
Definition of the expected performance Observable knowledge, skills, attitudes, behaviors and/or abilities Performance criteria and indicators

9 Definition of Objectives
Performance Condition Criteria Definition of pre-requisites

10 Selection of Methods and Media
Design pedagogic progression of content Condition Criteria Definition of pre-requisites

11 Training Objectives Activities Object Product Target Group
Target Output How? What do you need to do? Who are they? What are they doing? Where are they? How old? Etc… What are the values, capabilities and knowledge necessary for the position/ responsibility/assignment/ task?

12 SPROUT About SPROUT…summary project outline
Background and justification Development objectives and immediate objectives Output and input

13 SPROUT…Summary project Outline
Tool for the development of a project proposal Means to make a proposal for a financing agency Background and justification Development and immediate objectives Indicators of achievements Main outputs Major inputs Monitoring, evaluation and reporting A primary budget estimate

14 SPROUT…Background/Justification
What are the problems you are going to address? What are the causes and effect of the problems? What are your strategies to solve the problems? Socio-economic situation/context Problems to be addressed by the project Past experiences, training/campaigns/activities “Problem analysis” – cause and effect of problems Monitoring, evaluation and reporting A primary budget estimate

15 SPROUT…Development and Immediate Objectives
Development Objectives Overall aims of the project Broader behavioral/institutional changes to which the project will contribute Immediate Objectives Specific achievements (situations and/or conditions) or direct results that the project will attain by the end of the project Be as specific as possible and avoid using verbs expressing activities (e.g. “to study”, “to raise awareness”, or “to assist”).

16 SPROUT…Indicators of Achievement and Outputs
A brief description of the desired or expected situation at the end of the project, with clear emphasis on the changes that the project will help to bring about. Outputs Products that the project will produce Be precise in defining the outputs

17 SPROUT…Main activities
List of main activities How the inputs of the project will be transformed into outputs List all the activities, in a logical (or chronological) order, that are important to the production of the outputs Be strategic!

18 SPROUT…Inputs and monitoring/evaluation/report
List of Inputs List all the inputs needed for carrying out the planned activities Consider financial implications for each input (Is it available for free, or do you have to create it?) Monitoring/evaluation/reporting Consider appropriate monitoring, evaluation and reporting mechanisms/procedures, so that you can ensure the project will be proceeded as planned while producing expected results.

19 Example of a Project A workplan prepared by Catherine in A (July 2004) on Social Protection

20 Individual Activity Decide the main issue/agenda for your workplan
(by Friday, 30 Jan.) Prepare an outline based on the model workplan sheet (by Wed, 4 Feb.) Complete the workplan and get ready for presentation (by 08:30, Friday, 6 Feb.)

21 Presentation of Work Plan
Each participant has 5 – 10 minutes to present his/her work plan; While your colleague is making presentation, carefully take note of its major arguments, focusing on some strong points, weak points, and/or points for clarification; Each presentation will be followed by a Q&A session through which participants help each other to further improve/strengthen the workplans.

22 End of the Activity Good luck!

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