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The Teacher of Literature (Requisites and Demands)

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1 The Teacher of Literature (Requisites and Demands)

2 Requisite- Something that is indispensable; a requirement.

3 The teacher of Literature???
(Requisites and Demands)

4 English Literature Teacher Career Info and Education Requirements
English literature encompasses all creative and imaginative writings in the English language, from novels and plays to poems and essays.

5 English Literature Teacher Career Info
Literature teachers' duties include designing lesson plans, keeping grades and other records and maintaining discipline. They may meet with parents and may perform duties outside of the classroom, such as study hall and lunch supervision. Literature teachers typically must be available outside of class to help students with questions.

6 What Degree Is Required to Become a Literature Teacher?
Education Requirements Employment Information What Degree Is Required to Become a Literature Teacher? High School Undergraduate Graduate Programs Certifications Job Requirements

7 Education Requirements
In order to teach English literature in a secondary school, one must have obtained at least a bachelor's degree, typically in English or education.

8 Employment Information
The teacher should be trained well to face his/her students for their quality education.

9 What Degree Is Required to Become a Literature Teacher?
Literature teachers help students understand and evaluate a variety of texts.

10 High School Teaching high school literature courses requires at least a bachelor’s degree in literature. Some schools may also offer an emphasis in education that will give you an understanding of the fundamentals of teaching as well.

11 Undergraduate If you want to teach literature to undergraduate college students, you will typically need at least a master’s degree in literature, if not a doctorate.

12 Graduate Programs When you teach graduate level students, either those pursuing a master’s degree or those in a doctoral program, you will usually need to have a doctorate yourself.

13 Certifications Before you can teach at a high school level, most states require you to pass a credentialing test or other tests that measure your proficiency in your subject. As well, some states may require teachers in community colleges to have a special certification.

14 Job Requirements College literature teachers generally hold at least a master's degree in the field. Educators teaching in public schools have completed a teacher-training program geared toward a general grade span and are required to be licensed by the state in which they work.

15 Licensure and Certification
Common Requirements Degree Level Bachelor's degree, master's degree (required in some states)* Degree Field English literature, teaching* Licensure and Certification Public school teachers are required to be licensed through the state* Experience Student teaching is generally part of a teacher preparation program* Key Skills Instructional abilities, communication skills, patience* Computer Skills Education instruction software, programs** Technical Skills Ability to operate classroom and basic office equipment, such as photocopiers, scanners, printers, televisions and VCRs** Additional Requirements Teacher preparation program*

16 Step 1: Obtain an Undergraduate Degree
Teaching literature either at the middle school or secondary school level typically requires completing an English major as well as a teacher education program. Success Tip: Complete student teaching requirements. Teacher education programs generally require students to complete a supervised student teacher training program.

17 Step 2: Pass PRAXIS Exams
Many colleges of education require students to take and pass the PRAXIS I exam prior to entry into a teacher education program. Success Tip: Study for the exams. Colleges and testing organizations offer classes to prepare students for the PRAXIS exams. Other resources, such as study guides and software, are also available.

18 Step 3: Become Licensed Success Tip:
All public school teachers must be licensed. State requirements for licensure vary. Holding a bachelor's degree, completing a teacher training program, passing the appropriate PRAXIS exams and completing the necessary student teacher work are the most common requirements for becoming licensed. Success Tip: Take continuing education classes to maintain licensure. Teachers usually need to take professional development courses to keep their licensure active.

19 Step 4: Earn a Master's Degree
Some states require that middle and high school teachers earn a master's degree after obtaining teacher certification

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