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Energy and Sustainable Development SS 2011 Margit Baier Bianca Köck Maria Spanring.

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1 Energy and Sustainable Development SS 2011 Margit Baier Bianca Köck Maria Spanring

2 China’s ambitions China & Electric Cars China & Rare Resources Electric Cars – Today Future of Electric Cars Pros & Cons

3 Extreme growth of population, economy and wealth rising need and demand for mobility need for more and more energy! Today: 70 % of energy from coal  environmental problems!

4 New energy-infrastructure Nuclear-stations Increase also renewable energy China’s government wants: energy consumption per capita -20% BUT: per capita income from 1.000 $ to 3.000 $

5 Reduction of CO2 –Emissions Reduce old coal-fired stations Development of electric vehicles China’s resources Best requirements to get the leader in the development of electric cars Biggest resources of rare-earth Used for the electric motors Used for the battery in electric cars

6 Government wants position of market leadership Investments of about € 11,7 billion For each e-car sold: 6.700 € subsidy !!! Big research: BYD 250 km per charge monthly savings of 788 € charge takes only 20 minutes

7 Advantages of China: Key skills concerning e-cars in Asia Raw materials for battery production in China available Cheap production possible (salaries, production sites, …) Expert knowledge

8 Critical Materials Metals which are used in manufacturing wind turbines, electric vehicles, solar cells and energy-efficient lighting China produces 95% of the world supply China cut back the export rate dramatically China has an enormous demand Growth of the high-tech industry World wide: Car industry needs the rare - earth

9 Extremely big market of electric cars Electric cars are the future! Market leader in electric cars and hybrid cars Enormous subventions from the government Many big researches: Electric cars as taxi Electric bus Testing the batteries for kilometers an load volume

10 Wide range of different motor types Every big car producer: electric car projects discussion about Climate Change and Emissions spotlight the electric car as a solution for rising needs for mobility Especially fast growing economies and populations !!! CHINA in the Focus

11 global growth of personal wealth and population  rise in need for mobility  environmentally friendly alternatives inevitable !!! very good alternative : E-CARS!!! in combination with new energy systems and smart grids (V2G) big potentials!!! China’s government initiative promoting electric cars  spread of e-mobility in China nearly guaranteed

12  Much higher efficiency compared to combustion engines (up to 90 % ) Efficiency just ~ 25 %

13  No emissions during operation  Possibility for renewable electricity production  Big potential to change energy system!!  Especially in combination with “Vehicle to Grid”- Systems (V2G)

14  Higher Prices  Knowledge deficits of mechanics & garage density  Limited Range (only up to 240 km)  Additional weight through batteries  Long recharging time  Outsourcing of negative effects (!!!)  Not (yet) available infrastructure: specific parking lots for each car needed!


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