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Metric System, Tools, and Units

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1 Metric System, Tools, and Units
Measurement Metric System, Tools, and Units

2 Measurement Tools and Units
Write the title :Measurement Tools and Units at the top of the page then divide the page into four equal parts, neatly. Measurement Tools and Units

3 Measurement Tools and Units
Draw and name each of the following: Ruler Beaker Graduated Cylinder Thermometer Scale

4 Measurement Tools and Units
Next to each of your pictures, write the UNITS and MEASUREMENT OF__ that are used by each tool… So, a ruler measures in millimeters, centimeters, decimeters, meters, and so forth. All these are meters. Next to the ruler write: Units = meters (m). Measurement of distance.

5 Measurement Tools and Units
Beakers and graduated cylinders measure in units called… liters Write: Units = liters (L) Measurement of volume.

6 Measurement Tools and Units
Thermometers measure in units called… degrees Write Units = degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit or Kelvin (‘C, ‘F, K) Measurement of temperature.

7 Measurement Tools and Units
Scales measure in units called… grams Write Units = grams (g) Measurement of mass.

8 Measurement Tools and Units
Your final chart should look similar to: Units = liters (L). Measurement of volume Ruler Units = meters (m). Measurement of distance Beaker Graduated Cylinder Thermometer Units = grams (g). Measurement of mass Units = degrees (‘C, ‘F, K). Measurement of temperature Scale

9 The Ruler - distance Most commonly on the ruler, you will measure in cm. These are visible in the picture here and they are about the width of your pinky. This side is inches. We DO NOT USE THESE. Between each cm is 10 mm. They are he tiny lines about the thickness of your nail.

10 The Beaker and Graduated Cylinder - volume
Recall that we use the beaker for less precise measurements and the graduated cylinder for more exact measurements because it measures in smaller increments.

11 The Beaker and Graduated Cylinder - volume
Also, we always use the ___________ to fill up the ____________________. Notice these measure in mL. On the graduated cylinder look at the bottom of the curve called the ___________. beaker graduated cylinder meniscus

12 Scale - mass This particular scale measures in g.

13 Thermometer - degrees You’ll see that the classroom thermometer measures in ‘C and ‘F. We will most commonly talk about ‘C.

14 The End For Now



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