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Media Studies HW Magazine Analysis – By Justin gething.

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1 Media Studies HW Magazine Analysis – By Justin gething

2 Layout of magazine This magazine has been laid out like this to fit as much information on as possible. The images have been put on in the middle of the front cover to allow writing space around the outside. The title is placed at the top to show what type of magazine this is. Smaller text has been put around the outisde to allow people to read extra information about the magazine. The age rating and the bar code are placed on the right hand side, as this is the only available space left.

3 Colour and font choice This magazine cover contains a white background with red and blue text. The red and blue text is suitable, as it stands out very well and can be read easily. The colours work nicely as they are vibrant and very bold colours. There are various font styles and sizes that have been used. The name of the game and the title are in a large font size, as these are important pieces of information for this magazine. Smaller text is also used on less important information.

4 Use of images The main image is a medium sized close up of the assassin in assassin’s creed 3. His white hood reflects the white background. Also, his brown clothes stand out well. This image takes up the majority of the page, as Assassin’s creed 3 is the most important part of the magazine. The second image shows the American flag which has been blended into the background. The red, white and blue colours of the American flag reflect the colour scheme of the front cover.

5 Use of text The text on this front cover has been kept to a minimum, to prevent the reader from getting bored easily. The majority of text is based on different games. The amount of text and the images balance each other out well. The text on the front cover is short and snappy and gives hints of what is included within the magazine. The text is all relevant and talks about what the magazine includes.

6 How the cover attracts the target audience The front cover attracts the audience in various ways. Firstly, bright colours have been used to make the magazine look entertaining and also appealing. Short pieces of text such as ‘exclusive first look’ and ‘taking PS3 into a brave new world’ draws people in and urges people to buy it. Words such as ‘You’ makes the magazine seem more personal, as it is directly talking about the person reading it.

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