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Race to the Top Program Update January 30, 2014. State Funding 2.

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1 Race to the Top Program Update January 30, 2014

2 State Funding 2

3 Professional Development on the transition to the Common Core State Standards Standards & Assessments Teacher Data Dashboards TVAAS Resources Data-Driven Instruction Teacher and Principal Evaluation Leadership Development Grants (TNLEAD) Great Teachers & Leaders Achievement School District Focus School Support College Access Network School Turnaround Tennessee STEM Innovation Network STEM Tennessee is executing a variety of initiatives in five priority areas

4 District Initiatives 4

5 On TCAP, we have made progress each year since moving to new assessments in 2010 Grades 3-8Grades 9-12 Percent Proficient and Advanced 5

6 6

7 Tennessee is in the final year of the grant 7  Current Status Nearly 70% of funds spent to date No Cost Extensions  Sustainability Re-organization Capacity Building

8 Questions 8  Meghan Curran Director, First to the Top (615) 532-0611

9 THEC First to the Top Program Update Tennessee Higher Education Commission Annual Joint Meeting Tennessee State Board of Education Tennessee Higher Education Commission January 30, 2014

10 Higher Education Programs  STEM Professional Development  UTeach Replication  Integrating TVAAS in Higher Education  Integrating Common Core in Higher Education  Teacher Training Program Report Card  School Leader Study 10

11 11 STEM Professional Development  Overview o Competitive grant that awarded funding to higher education institutions to serve K-12 STEM teachers in increasing content and pedagogy knowledge o 29 grants, 8 institutions, 5.2 million dollars  Impact o Professional development received by 600 K-12 teachers across 57 counties o Completed Round 1 Evaluation Report with Round 2 Report forthcoming

12 12 UTeach Replication  Overview o Replication of UT Austin’s UTeach model that combines a STEM and education degree to bring content knowledge and pedagogical experts into K-12 classrooms o RTTT directly funds University of Memphis Tigers Teach program  Impact o By May 2014, fifty UTeach graduates will be licensed o Accounts for a 5% increase in STEM teacher production each year

13 13 Integrating TVAAS in Higher Education  Programs o TVAAS eLearning Modules o TVAAS data for Teacher Training Programs o Advanced Analytics

14 14 TVAAS eLearning Modules  Overview o Series of eLearning modules designed for integration into the pre-service teacher curriculum  Impact o Institutions have incorporated the eLearning modules into a variety of courses o Usage of modules by 250 professors and 1,000 students o Highlighted as an outstanding resource by the National Council of Teacher Quality

15 15 TVAAS for Teacher Training Programs  Overview o Partnership between TDOE, THEC, and SAS to provide completer value-added data and diagnostic reports to training programs  Impact o Programs are able to make targeted improvements based on the diversity of licensure pathways within teacher training programs

16 16 Advanced Analytics  Overview o Investigate factors that impact the performance of completers once they enter the K-12 classroom o Reports available for training institutions and statewide summary  Impact o Final stages of data collection with reports due in May 2014 o Institutions will be able to use data to guide decisions around admission criteria, programs of study, and field experiences o First national study of teacher effectiveness

17 17 Integrating Common Core in Higher Education  Overview o Create resources aligned to CCSS for use in teacher training programs  Impact o 12 video modules and resources produced o 7 more forthcoming o 900 user accounts created o 500 faculty attended trainings across the state

18 18 Teacher Training Program Report Card  Overview o Public report on the placement and effectiveness of teacher training program completers  Impact o Trend data utilized to provide information and accountability for teacher training programs

19 19 School Leader Study  Overview o Report on the placement and effectiveness of school leader program completers  Impact o Public state-wide and private individual program reports available Spring 2014

20 The Tennessee College Access and Success Network (TCASN)  Established in August 2010 through a Lumina Foundation grant and significantly expanded by First to the Top.  Goals of TCASN:  Foster and engage an active membership of educational institutions and organizations focused on increasing college attainment in Tennessee.  Create and expand college access and success programs through competitive grants.  Provide professional development opportunities for TCASN members.  Support policies which increase college access and success for all Tennesseans. 20

21 TCASN Outcomes  Grants  Awarded $1.67 million to 50 LEAs and non profit organizations for the creation or expansion of college access and success programming  Over 60,500 Tennessee students and families served  Professional Development  Annual Conference  Hosted three annual conferences, bringing together 300-350 college access professionals in Tennessee to connect and share ideas and best practices.  College Access Project  In partnership with the Ayers Institute for Teacher Innovation at Lipscomb University, developed an online professional development course for educators. The course included five strands that focused on developing a college-going culture, college access counseling, student development, the admissions process, and financial aid.  Policy Initiatives  Co-sponsored a study by the Community College Research Center on “Dual Enrollment for College Completion: Policy Recommendations for Tennessee”.  Developed multiple policy papers and white papers around college access and readiness  Credentialed by 26: State Policy Recommendations  Common Measures 21

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