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Warszawa - Berlin - Wiedeń – Barcelona Sp. z o. o.

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1 Warszawa - Berlin - Wiedeń – Barcelona Sp. z o. o.
e u r o k o n t a k t Warszawa - Berlin - Wiedeń – Barcelona Sp. z o. o. [ English ]

2 Agenda Who we are? Where we come from? Who we are for? Why Poland? What can we offer? Contact

3 Who we are? Due to our previous experiences, eurokontakt wishes promote the idea of integration through the following activieties: Economic – financial and marketing consulting, complex offer for investors from Poland and abroad. Social - consulting based on knowledge of the polish market specification, assisting in overcoming prejudices, supporting interpersonal communication, minimizing mental differences.

4 Where we come from? 1993r – Establishing of Polish – German Accord Fundation. Mission – building an agreement between polish and german society In economic, social, cultural and political areas (aspects) 2004r – Polish access to the European Union; changeover in the Fundation’s profile. Creation of a consulting company – eurokontakt – which continues the Foundation’s mission and operate mostly in economic areas: finances, marketing, services for VIP clients.

5 Who we are for? Small and Medium Enterprises
Which have already been on the polish market or are interested in investing in Poland. Business Institutions Based on entrepreneurs interested in setting business in Poland and cooperation with institutions which take on to increase foreign direct investments inflow in Poland.

6 Why Poland? 20 million young, highly educated, multilingual people
Inflation: 2,2 % (2. q. 2010; 1,7 % for Eurozone) S&P rating A- (stable) Average gross salary in April 2010: 3 397,01 zł (growth about 3,2 %) Population: 38.1 milion people Modern financial system GDP : +1,7% (the only EU country with plus – growth in 2009)

7 The offer Financial Consulting Marketing Consulting Public Relations

8 The offer : financial consulting
We provide full service from obtainning appriopriate permits to registering in Social Insurance Office Company description, strategic analysis, feasibility study, business plan, marketing plans, risk analysis Support in negotiating various kinds of credit agreements. Medium and long term financing. Information about conditions on which EU grants financial support.

9 The offer : marketing consulting
MARKETING STRATEGY social analysis supplier analysis client analysis market analysis business settlement OVERALL IDEA VALUATION

10 Offer : public relations
Brand creation Marketing and promotion campaigns brand, music, harmony, eurokontakt Brand awarness Brand repositioning and revitalization

11 Contact President of the Board: Wojciech Zieliński Team: Michaela Zielińska (German, English, Polish) / Agnieszka Wiśniewska (Polish) / Żaneta Przybyła (Polish, English) / Address: eurokontakt w.b.w.b. sp. z o.o. ul. Farysa 64 Warszawa Tel: Fax.:

12 your successful contact
e u r o k o n t a k t your successful contact

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