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March 27,28 2009IndiaCMS Meeting, Delhi1 T2_IN_TIFR of all-of-us, for all-of-us, by some-of-us Tier-2 Status Report.

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1 March 27,28 2009IndiaCMS Meeting, Delhi1 T2_IN_TIFR of all-of-us, for all-of-us, by some-of-us Tier-2 Status Report

2 March 27,28 2009IndiaCMS Meeting, Delhi2 Hardware Resources (Computing) 80K equivalent of SI2K Dual Xeon@3.6 GHz, 1U serversXeon@3.6 1 GB/core memory Additionally, 45 Blade Servers Quad Core Clovertown (E5355@2.66 GHz)E5355@2.66 2 GB/core memory: 72 GB HDD (15K rpm) 16 Blades/enclosure Occasionally some of the servers are failing, under investigation.


4 T1_ASGC in Taiwan had an unfortunate fire accident, has been down for more than 1 month. Official MC simulation jobs, ie, Production at our T2, is supposed to be initiated by ASGC.

5 March 27,28 2009 IndiaCMS Meeting, Delhi 5 Hardware Resources (Storage) DPM (Disk Pool Manager) with SRM (storage server module) support. 34 TB of RAID-6 with 2 GB FC (HP EVA 8K). + 350 TB of RAID-6 pledged, available currently about 100 TB In storage boxes: 4U, 24 Hot Swap bays, quad core 2 processors 2 GB/core memory Enterprize class 1 TB SATA 2 HDDs SLC(X86_64, 64-bit), xfs Multiple NICs. For India-CMS user, storage set aside ~ 20TB  0.5 TB/user. If you want to make use of this T2, and don’t have assigned directory, contact us. Minimal ‘how to’ has been circulated already (must have valid grid certificate).


7 March 27,28 2009 IndiaCMS Meeting, Delhi 7 Network 1 Gbps LAN for the farm. Dedicated 300Mbps/1Gbps link to CERN (1:1). 45 Mbps internet link (GEANT) to CDAC, about to be upgraded to 100 Mbps. CDAC to Milano: 100 Mbps GEANT link. Recently CERN link has been peered with GEANT link  connectivity of our T2 with various T1s and outside world has improved dramatically! Hardware Firewall Units (Gbps).  Crucial Milestone achieved = Load Test Success (we had succeeded already only with CERN)

8 Cisco 3750 Series Flag Router (1 Gbps Uplink) Cisco 3750G ERNet Router DLink 1248-T 48 Port Switch Managing Servers Switch for Private LAN Machines on Private LAN From CERN Physical and Routing Schematic at TIFR, Mumbai Note: The 3750G configured to route CERN traffic on the 1Gbps Grid nodes can now access internet through the current 34Mbps link 34 Mbps Internet ERNet PoP I Gbps uplink 100 Mbps links VECC IPR EU-IndiaGrid TIFR Network RRCAT

9 CERN/ GEANT TIFR BARC VECC Tier 2/3 Centers in India 34/100 Mbps 2/10 Mbps 34/100 Mbps Tier 0/1 Centre Tier 3 and CMS Users Tier 2 and Alice users Tier 2 Centre and CMS users DAE/DST/ERNET: Geant link operational since August 2006 300/1000 Mbps ALICE: Universities & Institutes Tier 3 CMS: Universities & Institutes Tier 3 Uses WLCG tools POP in Mumbai Internet 4 Mbps 2/10 Mbps 100 Mbps



12 March 27,28 2009IndiaCMS Meeting, Delhi12 Infrastructure Sufficient Power. Air conditioning. UPS to support upto 50KW for 3 hours. Site load will be approx 35KW. Control cabin. Sound proofing under consideration. To be done: instructions to use.

13 March 27,28 2009IndiaCMS Meeting, Delhi13 Plans User Interface for Tier3 almost done. Testing of jobs going on. Pledge for computing and storage resources for 2010 under consideration.

14 March 27,28 2009IndiaCMS Meeting, Delhi 14 Site Status Site is up and running ! Please visit 1.CMS-dashboard which gives Sam test results in terms of site availability: overall health of the site, CE, SRMv2. CMS Grid Map: (click on T2_IN_TIFR block) 2. Site Report: SiteReportBlackboard Provides Job status, Success rate, Service availability. Get familiar with PhEDex regarding availibility of data, transfers etc.: Site details in: (needs login)


16 March 27,28 2009IndiaCMS Meeting, Delhi16

17 March 27,28 2009IndiaCMS Meeting, Delhi17

18 March 27,28 2009IndiaCMS Meeting, Delhi18

19 March 27,28 2009IndiaCMS Meeting, Delhi19

20 / Wtaunu/Summer08_IDEAL_V9_v1/GEN-SIM-RECO /QCD_BCtoMu_Pt30to50/Summer08_IDEAL_V9_v1/GEN-SIM-RECO /TauolaTTbar/Summer08_IDEAL_V9_v1/GEN-SIM-RECO /QCD_BCtoMu_Pt120to170/Summer08_IDEAL_V9_v1/GEN-SIM-RECO /InclusivePPmuX/Summer08_IDEAL_V9_v4/GEN-SIM-RECO /InclusiveMu5Pt150/Summer08_IDEAL_V9_v1/GEN-SIM-RECO /InclusiveMu5Pt350/Summer08_IDEAL_V9_v1/GEN-SIM-RECO /Ztautau/Summer08_IDEAL_V9_v1/GEN-SIM-RECO /InclusiveMu5Pt250/Summer08_IDEAL_V9_v1/GEN-SIM-RECO /InclusiveMuPt15/Summer08_IDEAL_V11_redigi_v1/AODSIM /InclusiveMu5Pt50/Summer08_IDEAL_V9_v1/GEN-SIM-RECO /Zmumu/Summer08_IDEAL_V2_IDEAL_V2_v1/RECO /DYmumuM200/Summer08_IDEAL_V9_v1/GEN-SIM-RECO /Wmunu/Summer08_IDEAL_V9_v1/GEN-SIM-RECO Hosting data We have requested many transfers via Phedex. Mostly Summer08 fullsim, Will also try to host also winter09 fastsim samples. Some of the sample names are given. If you need anything else, make a request in Phedex and send a mail with justification.

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