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Team: Fresh LIME Soda Team Code: IIMI3069.

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1 Team: Fresh LIME Soda Team Code: IIMI3069

2 Live your Passion Accessible Luxury Objective & Agenda Creativity 1
Industry and Competitor Analysis Understanding the Indian Watch Industry Major trends and perceptual findings Competitive Landscaping – Carving a niche’ for FC in India Research Secondary Research - Findings Primary Research - Methodology - Insights Accessible Luxury Creativity Capability Analysis Classic Live your Passion Vintage SWOT analysis Collector’s Value Swiss Geneve’ Handcrafted Automatic Heritage Corporate Focus Pros in segmentation and focus Cons of this segmentation Expanding the focus Branding & Marketing of FC in India New Positioning – Brand Key 8P Framework for FC Associations Digital Strategy CSR Watch with Devanagari Script 1

3 10-15% 27 % 3.5 % Indian Watch Industry 2
Low penetration and high growth rate show the opportunity in India Industry & Competition Market Segmentation by price** Utilitarian product (know and manage time) Research Rs Cr. 460 lakh pieces Tablets Laptops Desktops Lifestyle product Mobiles 2.1 Wrist Watches 900 1600 1700 370 86.5 Wrist Watches SWOT and Brand Equity Cable TV % pa STP and Marketing Mix Sales value Value (Crore) Volume (lakh pieces) Integrated Campaign Segment Volume (lakh pieces) Price Value (Crore) Growth Rates Mass 370 <1,000 1700 5-7% Mid 86.5 1,001-10,000 1600 8-10% Premium 2.1 >10,000 900 15-20% Time 10-15% Continued growth rate every year despite the increase in substitutes* 27 % Wrist watch penetration in India* Devanagari Watch 3.5 % of the India own multiple watches* 2 *Source: Indian Journal of marketing, June 2013 **Source: Technopak Analysis

4 Industry & Competition
Indian Luxury Timepieces Various brands cater to different luxury segments like affordable luxury, aspirational luxury and absolute luxury Industry & Competition Trends CATEGORY DATA Luxury brands account for 4% of total timepieces sales CAGR of 24% Increased presence in smaller cities fuel sales Special events and gifting occasions supporting growth, particularly popular gifts amongst Senior corporate managers and for Government employees Men are most likely customers than women Majority of sales from store based retailing in Tier I cities Green Luxury and Social responsibility is important factor Sales of Luxury Timepieces by Category: Value Research Rs million 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Men's 1,089.9 1,438.7 1,467.5 1,731.6 2,077.9 2,452.0 Women's 274.4 406.1 418.3 468.5 562.2 663.3 Total 1,364.3 1,844.8 1,885.7 2,200.1 2,640.1 3,115.3 SWOT and Brand Equity Sales of Luxury Timepieces by Category: % Value Growth % current value growth 2011/12 CAGR 2007/12 Total Men's 18.0 17.6 125.0 Women's 19.3 141.8 Total 128.3 STP and Marketing Mix Forecast Sales of Luxury Timepieces by Category: Value Rs million 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Men's 2,452.0 2,795.2 3,172.6 3,585.0 4,033.2 4,517.2 Women's 663.3 774.8 903.4 1,049.8 1,217.7 1,410.1 Total 3,115.3 3,570.0 4,076.0 4,634.8 5,250.9 5,927.3 Integrated Campaign Prospects Penetration into leading jewellery and watch outlets like Malabar Gold in south India and TBZ in north India Online portals will develop as a retail channel Forecast Sales of Luxury Timepieces by Category: % Value Growth % current value growth 2011/12 CAGR 2007/12 Total Men's 13.0 84.2 Women's 16.3 112.6 Total 13.7 90.3 Devanagari Watch 3 Source: Euromonitor

5 Consumer Perceptions Brand image and status influence the older generation more, while others’ influence has a role to play among the younger generation Results of a Primary Research survey done to study consumer based perceptions, and predict trends Methodology: Survey Respondents: Sample size 100; 50 Gen X, 50 Gen Y Industry & Competition Research Titan Citizen Rolex Timex Tissot Calvin Klein Casio Armani 7 – 8 years High brand loyalty (Stable) Reason for loyalty: class, status and image complement them and their personality Few people “to own a watch for a particular occasion” Top-of-the-mind recall Brand tag lines - LOW Brand ambassadors – HIGH Brand loyalty beyond watches - LOW SWOT and Brand Equity Gen X >35 years STP and Marketing Mix Comparative brand hierarchy Duration of brand usage Multiple watches per individual Other factors Consumer Integrated Campaign Fastrack Tommy Hilfiger Reebok Casio Gucci Diesel Calvin Klein Armani 2 -3 years Low brand loyalty (Open to Experimentation) Reason for loyalty: contemporariness, influence Aspiration to buy costlier watches Few people “to own a watch for a particular occasion” Styling aspect Top-of-the-mind recall Brand tag lines – LOW but better than Gen X Brand ambassadors – HIGH Brand loyalty beyond watches - HIGH Gen Y 18 – 35 years Devanagari Watch 4 Secondary Research: Published in Indian Journal of marketing, July 2013 edition

6 Competitor Analysis All major competitors have a reasonably well defined emotional space Industry & Competition Research Origin Swiss Swiss Swiss Swiss Japanese Super Premium Premium Super Premium Premium Mid - premium Target Segment SWOT and Brand Equity Rs 1,00,000 + Rs 70,000 – Rs 7,00,000 Price Points Rs 1,20,000+ Rs 40,000 – Rs 5,50,000 Rs 6,000 – Rs 1,00,000 STP and Marketing Mix Omega signifies prestige and accomplishment Tag Heuer talks of self identity and self esteem Success, accomplishment going beyond one’s limits Brand Character Elegance is an attitude Made to last beyond time Integrated Campaign A Swiss luxury watch; Spirit of achievement A premier well engineered watch A sports chronograph, self esteem Symbol of success; a jewel Beautiful designs, elegance Benefits Offered Devanagari Watch 5 Analysis done through Secondary Research: Studying the advertisements, websites and Social Media

7 Industry & Competition
Competitor Analysis The grid below shows the top 10 brands in India* in terms of their Products Attributes and Positioning Industry & Competition Mechanical Movements / Automatic Quartz Research Exclusive Luxury Jewellery SWOT and Brand Equity Lifestyle Sports STP and Marketing Mix Technical Accessible Luxury Design Integrated Campaign Fashion Devanagari Watch Quartz Mass / Lower Priced 6 Source: Swiss Luxury Watch making Industry, Karine Gautshi, 2005 *Top 10 brands in India as per retailer feedback, as provided in the case

8 Industry & Competition
Primary Research Corporate executives form the chunk of people who consider purchasing a Frederique’ Constant timepiece Industry & Competition Primary Research* was done in 2 stages by visiting various watch retail outlets in Mumbai Methodology: Personalised interviews and Observation Respondents: Watch Stores’ Retailers / Managers Location: At the retail store Research Stage 1: Process: Interview with owners/ managers/ sales staff of various luxury watch stores Objective: To determine luxury consumers’ preferences, and develop insights about their consumer behaviour and trends Stage 2: Process: In depth Interview with owners/ managers/ sales staff of 3 Frederique Constant Stores in Mumbai Objective: To determine profiles of past Frederique’ Constant buyers, and develop insights about customer perception about the brand SWOT and Brand Equity STP and Marketing Mix Insights: Luxury customers are extremely brand conscious; One would rather buy a simple watch of a premium brand rather than a fancy watch of a brand not as premium Luxury customers are not as particular about designs as they are about the brand itself Indian luxury customers enjoy good deals – are value seekers Insights: Frederique’ Constant is purchased / enquired about mostly by corporate people and business executives (clear results of the focus and marketing till now) An FC watch is not perceived as designer/ fashion piece at all, and more of a classic Swiss watch, purchased for quality The devanagari script watch found quite a few purchases from Politicians Integrated Campaign Devanagari Watch 7 *Detailed description and results of research in Annexure 1

9 Industry & Competition
SWOT Differentiating strengths will form the basis of building brand identity Weaknesses Show priority areas or focus areas for Marketing Highlight wrong strategies Industry & Competition Strengths Greater if it is a POD rather than just a POP Can be leveraged upon to build Competitive Advantage in the long term Research Swiss origin (Geneva) Handcrafted Automatic Mechanical Timepieces Vertical integration delivering better quality Heritage value of timepiece Corporate focus Classic sedate designs New Entrant to Indian Market Low Brand Awareness Lower number of mass campaigns (only focused promotion) No high profile ambassador Not perceived as a young person’s watch Find ways to overcome effects of weaknesses through innovation / alternate channels SWOT and Brand Equity Consumers need to be communicated about FC’s Differentiators STP and Marketing Mix Opportunities Highlight new avenues to build capabilities Conducive environment changes Increasing disposable income More upcoming ventures to partner Corporate gifting trend Target a younger audience Communicate the long term value of an FC watch Mobile manufacturers entering the watch manufacturing space Cheaper substitutes Counterfeit watch market Older brands with higher equity in India Integrated Campaign Threats Increasing risk of environment factors Risk of current brand strategy Devanagari Watch Growing market potential that needs a good marketing mix to tap Need to take up strategic brand building activities over a longer period 8

10 Brand Equity Live your Passion
Understanding Brand Equity of Frederique Constant in India FC’s Brand Equity Measuring the Brand Equity Objective Industry & Competition Points of Parity and Points of Differenceº can help understand brand equity of Frederique Constant in India Brand Asset Valuator®(BAV)* by Young and Rubicam Group used to measure equity To achieve long term leadership in India, Frederique Constant will have to create a strong, differentiated brand positioning and focus on the correct target according to the brand character Research Brand Stature (Esteem and Knowledge) (Differentiation and Relevance) Brand Strength Niche’/ Untapped Leadership Declining Eroding Unfocussed New Points of Parity Points of Differentiation Swiss Watch Sedate, classy, clear dial designs Automatic handcrafted ‘Live your Passion’ High quality Corporate Focus Durable Heritage, story of founders Collectors’ Value Devanagari script watch SWOT and Brand Equity Since the luxury watch industry is already crowded with multiple brands, and each of them partly own equities of craftsmanship, precision, quality, and other functional attributes of automatic watches, to create differentiation, instead of competing in the same space, Frederique Constant to create Executional equity of ‘Live your Passion’ with other brand characteristics supporting as functional equities STP and Marketing Mix Integrated Campaign Frederique’ Constant in India is differentiated in terms of its design, heritage, corporate focus and value, however, it still remains fairly niche’ due to the huge untapped potential Devanagari Watch Live your Passion Vintage Accessible Luxury Heritage Collector’s Value Handcrafted Automatic Swiss Geneve’ The long term goal of FC as a brand will be to move into the upper right quadrant (Leadership) Creativity 9 ºAs per primary research with watch retailers, and secondary data analysis *Detailed description about BAV in Annexure 3

11 LiveyourPassion Segmentation Strategy 10
Focus on Corporate Sector needs to be expanded to Professionals Industry & Competition Focussed Identity of a ‘Corporate Watch’ Untapped to a great extent by competition Offer less expensive means for focussed promotions – as opposed to mass campaigns Too focussed, and the target may not resonate the brand as effectively as desired Segmentation and targeting ideally be based on psychographics for a lifestyle product Research SWOT and Brand Equity LiveyourPassion Leveraging some of the merits of current Strategy and rectifying some of the cons, we propose expanding the target to a larger group of ‘Professionals’ - business executives, doctors, lawyers, journalists, teachers, artists etc. STP and Marketing Mix Demographic Segmentation Mainly corporate executives, however also including professional businessmen , musicians, doctors, academicians, sportsmen, journalists etc. Income bracket: High income Psychographic segmentation Based on Personality, Values and Lifestyles Passionate and mature individuals who appreciate beauty of niche’ handcrafted automatic designer products. They desire premium products to reflect their passion Integrated Campaign Devanagari Watch 10

12 Brand Positioning Positioning of Frederique Constant and building the brand Product Philosophy Discriminator Reason To Believe Target Root Strength Passion (profession, craftsmanship, design, interest) Value through accessibility Competitive Environment Classic designs– A reflection of passionate professionals Handcrafted in Geneva ; Passionate about owning & wearing an FC watch Benefit Passionate, Appreciation for Swiss luxury, craftsmanship, classic design Luxury timepieces - handcrafted with passion Accessibility Made in Geneva Passionate endorsers, heritage of founders Live your Passion A passionate person who has a desire for exquisite luxury and craftsmanship Insight Luxury time pieces, ‘’technology watches, luxury jewellery - bracelets Values, Beliefs, Personality A passionate, confident individual wants a sedate luxury timepiece – reflection of his own passion and personality Industry & Competition Research The Brand Key* Model developed by HUL is used to understand the positioning of the Frederique’ Constant brand, and to understand strategic fit of ‘Live your Passion’ for passionate professionals SWOT and Brand Equity STP and Marketing Mix Integrated Campaign Devanagari Watch *Detailed description about Brand Key in Annexure 2 11

13 Marketing Mix 8 P’s P P P P P P P P
Re-defining the Marketing Mix according to the 8Ps of Luxury marketing* Product level (Functional Benefit) - handcrafted, own caliber development, beautiful designs, new technologies Experiential level (Emotional Benefit) – “Live your passion” Industry & Competition PERFORMANCE Research The Swiss connection ‘Geneva’ Heritage: Frederique Constant – first names of great grand parents of founders P Accessible Luxury Price points – Rs. 45, 000 to Rs lakh PRICING PEDIGREE P P SWOT and Brand Equity PUBLIC RELATIONS (PR) Events Other Associations Handcrafted quality constrains mass production Limited POS P P PAUCITY STP and Marketing Mix P P Distinctive projection – Passion Coherence across consumer touch points – events, associations Visual brand identity Long form commercials/ short film videos targeted towards professionals Activation Programs – ‘Share your Passion’ Retail brand environment – heightening consumer experience Niche media – events, magazines, In-flight entertainment Integrated Campaign PLACEMENT P PERSONA PUBLIC FIGURES Garners attention, credibility and impact Personality resonates with brand aura (passionate professionals) – Harsha Bhogle, Chetan Bhagat Weekly podcasts about their stories and life, distributed across digital channels Devanagari Watch Key Takeaways Experiential value is as important as product excellence Pedigree is important but it is also important to generate ongoing relevance and dynamism through Persona, PR Exclusivity and Stature through paucity and placement factor 12 *8P Analysis by BPG Group, UAE; Source: Brand channel

14 Recommendation IMC Based on the STP and mix towards building the brand, what we propose for the short term is a targeted campaign under theme of ‘Passion’ Industry & Competition Research Mobile Devices Social Media marketing Direct s Website and blog Search based ads Corporate executive cricket and golf tournaments, offsites Exhibitions in 5 star hotels Annual Business Quiz – Passion SWOT and Brand Equity IMC Media Mix Liveyourpassion STP and Marketing Mix Reducing the electronic waste campaign Fund raising for specific causes Tie ups with hospitals and nursing homes Carbon positive manufacturing and service setups Print based Airlines screens Airports billboards Hotels, lounges and clubs Exclusive previews and concerts Integrated Campaign Devanagari Watch Use of technology enabled devices (e-displays) at POS Small branded collectibles with every watch (depending on collection) 14

15 Advertising and POS Targeted advertising in specific media will help reflect brand character, and build brand salience; POS will help improve brand imagery Industry & Competition Endorsers Suggested Advertising Communication Themes Get passionate people to endorse the brand – not necessarily high profile celebrity endorsers, but popular individuals who are passionate about what they do Gifting during festivals Gift yourself, Gift others - a perfect gift for the passionate professional My Passion – my pride Inspirational heritage and story of Frederique Constant founders and their values and passion Celebrate your Passion professional achievements and milestones (first job, a promotion) - Rewarding yourself with an FC- a timeless masterpiece to celebrate your passion Research SWOT and Brand Equity STP and Marketing Mix Channels for Advertising Point of Sales Marketing Magazines E- displays and screens Besides corporate magazines already used, Forbes, Business Today and The Week Magazine Since the TG is now Professionals, lifestyle magazines like Chip, Verve, Tehelka can be added ‘The Little Magazine’ featuring art, films, documentaries, poetry can be an interesting addition At the POS technology enabled electronic catalogues can be used to display various ideas around Passionate. Integrated Campaign Billboards Branded FC collectibles Devanagari Watch Outside airports, IT parks, studios, 5 star hotels Refine packaging to include a branded collectible with every FC watch – Either it can be standard or varying as per the FC collection Examples: A Frederique Constant Stamp, a heart shaped ornament In-Flight entertainment for international flights bound into India 15

16 Industry & Competition
FC Collections Themes Under the leitmotif of ‘Passionate Professionals’ a few communication / advertisement themes are suggested for each of the FC collections Industry & Competition Inspired by passionate individuals, Manufacture is a range of exquisite handcrafted watches that signifies Passion for Innovation Elegant, Bold; Runabout is a range of handcrafted, hand polished watches for passionate professionals who have an eye for detail Research SWOT and Brand Equity Manufacture Runabout Feminine and sophisticated, classic and elegant, sexy in every detail; Ladies automatic is a range of fine mechanical timepieces developed with passion by women for women. It reflects the values and aspirations of the modern, independent professional woman A collector's masterpiece; Vintage Rally is a range of exquisite handcrafted watches which are a timeless signature of the collector’s passion for style and prestige Vintage Rally STP and Marketing Mix Ladies automatic Liveyourpassion Integrated Campaign classic Devanagari Watch A Swiss masterpiece; Classic is a range of heritage watches known amongst collectors for their exceptional value; for the classic professional! 13

17 Events and Associations
Promotions through exclusive Events & Associations will improve Persona of the brand Industry & Competition Objective To create awareness about Frederique’ Constant among Passionate Professionals in a targeted manner Process Convene professionals who share passions and educate them about FC while giving them a chance to live their passion – brand resonance Research SWOT and Brand Equity STP and Marketing Mix Bringing the “Passion Awards” to India – Extend the theme to professionals Sponsoring Corporate Sports Tournaments. – like Cricket, Polo and Golf. An FC watch as a winners memento Participation in events like Indian Luxury Expo & Mint Luxury Conference Partner with corporate associations for sponsorship of corporate offsites for executives Integrated Campaign Devanagari Watch Starting an Annual Event like a Business Quiz or a Quizzes within specific Professional domains FC Exhibitions 5 star hotels Also fine dine pubs, lounges and restaurants can have promotions Sponsoring Niche’ Professional Events and Concerts Niche events like the Mahindra Blues, Jazz concerts etc Strategic Event Partnerships with Car Shows/Rallies which FC does globally – Land Rover 16

18 Industry & Competition Continuous engagement Build brand Communities
Digital Marketing “Digital is a common landscape for luxury consumers, so as digital content evolves and the web grows, brands are testing how to interact with their consumers in the digital space” Andrea Wilson, luxury practice lead, iProspect Industry & Competition 70% of consumers prefer to hear about new products from Facebook friends rather than brands* + 57% have asked their friends on Facebook for advice before purchasing a product* = Big opportunity for brands to play a stronger role on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms Research Search Engine Optimization improves through uploading of fresh content on the website Ads should be strategically placed so as to improve SEO Search guides Continuous engagement Mobile Apps QR codes FC Smartphone App Make and share your own FC watch design on the app Get information about FC watches and events SWOT and Brand Equity Digital Marketing Social media Search Website keywords Mobile Devices FC on Social Media Communities of Passionate Professionals Besides brand FC page, FC should have an India specific page – which should continuously be uploaded with fresh content about sponsored events, associations and happenings. Since the new focused target are Passionate Professionals, create forums where they can share stories, and interact with each other Build activity through engaging content, promotions, taglines and contests Invite passionate professionals to share their stories Highly targeted High ROI High competition for attention STP and Marketing Mix Let’s get personal s to be sent to focussed professionals/ groups before and after events to build brand experience Integrated Campaign Build brand Communities Big, beautiful images Detailed product descriptions Captivating lifestyle content Video and image galleries Devanagari Watch Loyalists, Frequent customers, Aspirational fans Enthusiast forums Brand moderators Have an India – specific micro-site on the website Upload sponsored news and events to build identity of passion Content is the king 17 *Source: 8thBridge report, 2012

19 Industry & Competition
CSR CSR is an increasing focus among elite luxury brands and in India this trend is all set to take off in a big way Industry & Competition Recently in August 2013, the Indian Government passed a clause where companies will have to spend 2% of their net profit on CSR projects. It gives an opportunity to Frederique Constant to tie up with corporates for such projects, providing greater brand visibility, as well as strengthening support of the brand towards social causes Research SWOT and Brand Equity Frederique Constant - Heart Association Sponsor certain fund raising events where charities and associations can put out presentations / shows and wealthy people, corporations and institutions can donate towards the cause. Since FC is associated in a big way towards Heart diseases, partnering with heart research institutes and hospitals is strategic in India as well. Social media can be used for promotions STP and Marketing Mix Be a part of the Heritage: All partnering charities, associations and NGOs to be rewarded with a trip to FC HQ in Geneva Integrated Campaign E-waste Creating awareness about the generation of tremendous amounts of e-waste generated through used cells in watches. Promoting mechanical watches and creating awareness about the longer life and collectible nature of watches. Creation of short films and viral videos to support the cause Devanagari Watch Carbon Surplus All manufacturing and service centers the world over - to be carbon positive or rather carbon surplus. This can be communicated through different media 18

20 Primary Research suggested that the watch was fancied by Politicians
‘Devanagari Script’ watch Passionate about Indian design – a timepiece handcrafted for you! Primary Research suggested that the watch was fancied by Politicians Industry & Competition ‘Ethnically Aesthetic’ Research Product inline with consumers’ values Indian consumer sees a sign of luxury in Indian culture/ ethnicity/ royalty Focus on ‘Political class’ Ethnic: a range of handcrafted watches for the Passionate Indian who attempts to build a connect with his roots while at the same time making efforts to achieve grandeur SWOT and Brand Equity Marketing campaign on Social Media, about Indian-ness Share why you’re passionate about India! Imagery to feature ancient royal Indian culture – jewels, ethnic handicrafts, surroundings Promotion Campaigns along National Festivals like 15th of August or 26th of Jan Special strategic promotions during Gifting festivals like Diwali, Holi, Rakshabandhan etc. STP and Marketing Mix Integrated Campaign Created for India Crafted in Switzerland For the Passionate Indian Devanagari Watch 19

21 T.H.A.N.K Y.O.U

22 Primary Research Details
Annexure 1 Primary Research Details Brand Key Terminology Brand Asset Valuator Frederique Constant Stores visited in Mumbai – The Collective, Watches of Switzerland. Interviews with store managers/ sales person Photographs of display Frederique’ Constant Watches at the POS Broad List of Questions / Topics discussed: What do luxury watch customers (watch purchase above Rs. 20,000) prefer the most? – Brand loyalty v/s design of the watch What are the most important factors taken into consideration while making such a purchase? What is profile of people who enquire about or consider the Frederique Constant brand? What does Frederique Constant known for the most? Does Frederique Constant receive a lot of corporate orders? Which collection of Frederique Constant is the most popular? About the watch with Devanagari script – did regular FC buyers buy it or it attracted specific buyers?

23 Primary Research Details
Annexure 1 Primary Research Details Brand Key Terminology Brand Asset Valuator Results of the Research What matters the most while making a luxury purchase Brand v/s Design Brand Loyalty Design What FC is known for the most Profile of people interested in FC Swiss watch Sedate clean dial designs Quality Collector value Most Popular collection of FC Devanagari Script watch - India Manufacture’ Collection Politicians :: and People who preferred something ethnic Mainly Corporate Executives

24 Primary Research Details Brand Asset Valuator and
Annexure 2 Primary Research Details Brand Key Terminology Brand Asset Valuator and The Brand Key model consists of ten steps to establish effective brand positioning. The ten steps have been described below: Root Strengths- It is the original product, values and/or beliefs that made the brand great and on which we want brand to build. Competitive Environment – List of competitors, including share of wallet and share of mind Target – It’s the person and the situation for which the brand is always the best choice, defined in terms of their attitudes and values, and not just demographics. Insight – The element of all you know about the target customer and their needs on which the brand is founded. Benefits – The differentiating functional, emotional and sensory benefits that motivate purchase. Values, Beliefs and Personalities – The brand values what the brand stands for and believes in and its own personality. Product Philosophy – Our guiding product beliefs and principles and how we prove these principles through product experience. Reasons to Believe – These are the proofs we offer to substantiate the benefits/brand experience Discriminator – The single most competing and competitive reason for the target consumer to choose the brand. Essence - The distillation of the brand into a core idea or promise.

25 Primary Research Details
Annexure 3 Brand Key Terminology Brand Asset Valuator Primary Research Details The Brand Asset Valuator Model (Trademark of Young & Rubicam Group) measures brand equity based on 4 parameters, as explained below: Differentiation: Difference, uniqueness and distinctiveness – Reflecting the brand’s essence and ability to stand out from competition. Also captures the brand’s ability to command a premium. Relevance: Personal appropriation to customers of the target group. Relevance is the source of the brands staying power. Esteem: The degree to which the target group likes the brand, and understands how it fulfils its brand promise. Esteem is influenced by popularity and quality. Knowledge: It means the ability of customers to internalize what the brand stands for. Knowledge is generally achieved over time, and marketing and media is crucial in achieving this. Brand Relevance and Differentiation together make up ‘Brand Strength’ Brand esteem and knowledge make up ‘Brand Stature’

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