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Treatment Optimization in Latin America and the Caribbean: How can the GF contribute?

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1 Treatment Optimization in Latin America and the Caribbean: How can the GF contribute?

2 22 What we all have achieved together with Global Fund resources in LAC 119,720 people receiving ARVs (end 2011) 1,845,700 ITNs distributed 1.5 US$ billion approved funding for 33 countries 1.07 US$ billion for HIV/AIDS programs 164,130 people treated under DOTS

3 LAC - Funds allocated by disease and PRs LAC Total approved budget by disease in millions USD (Total $1,540 M) HIV/AIDS 70% Malaria 14% TB 16% Source: most recent available data from Global Fund: Latin America Signed Grants by PR type* 46% 20% 3% 24% 7%

4 LAC – Expenditures of HIV Grants per category until end of 2011 Budget in percentage Expenditures in percentage HIV / AIDS Macro CategoriesBudget (USD)%Expenditure (USD)% Expenditure as a % of Budget Prevention306,994,93740%268,923,92441%88% Treatment207,081,38827%178,751,73427%86% Care and Support46,130,9366%41,893,5736%91% TB/HIV collaborative activities244,1890%188,4270%77% Health Systems Strenghtening59,619,7178%52,491,1758%88% Supportive Environment143,134,48719%117,232,49318%82% Grand Total763,205,655100%659,481,327100%86% Source: most recent available data / the Global Fund – Enhanced Financial Reporting

5 The GF in 2012 The GF strategy Framework 2012-2016 The pillars of the transformation plan We maintain our mission, vision, principles and values The transformation is about how we do things

6 66 Making the Global Fund’s transformation work for you Investing Strategically How we allocate funding Managing Grants Better How you apply How we process grants How we monitor grants Organizing to Deliver How we structure ourselves High-value investments, high involvement of partners, simplified processes, and more lives saved

7  Actively pursue maximization of impact and value for money  Partners’ strategic information, technical analysis and guidance, including on treatment optimization  ARV stock monitoring project  Implement Risk Management Priorities for LAC portfolio in 2012

8 How can we work together? Regional Meetings - Joint preparation, work together to achieve results GF supports 3 meetings in 2012: April - Economic Evaluation workshop, June - Partners Coordination Meeting, December - Optimization of the response Grant Renewals Pre-assessment and recommendation for phase 2 proposals Inputs in Grant Score Cards Partners participation in Phase 2 panels Ongoing grant monitoring Management letters copied to partners Country Missions Share 2012 mission plan with regional offices with monthly updates Joint missions whenever appropriate/possible Share follow-up actions after missions

9 99 What results we expect from the cooperation  Better phase 2 and new proposals  Better prepared missions (joint when feasible)  Better follow-up to management actions and conditions  Optimized response through reprogramming in several countries  Better coordination and effectiveness of regional initiatives More people serviced More lives saved More people serviced More lives saved

10 Conclusions: 3 key messages 1)Enhanced GF structure and processes to better serve countries 2)There is scope to optimize the response and we must do it now 3)Partnership is essential to succeed

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