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Past Perfect & Past Simple

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1 Past Perfect & Past Simple
Grammar Rules

2 … PAST SIMPLE … Regular verbs;
In affermative sentences, regular verbs form the past adding the suffix –ed. at the infinity form without “to”; The negative form is formed with the auxiliary did followed by not (didn’t) and by infinity form of the main verb without “to”. The interrogative form is formed by prefixing the auxiliary did the subject and following it from infinity form of the main verb without “to”. We use the past simple to talk about things that started and finished in the past.

Subject + Verb + -ed She called me late last night Negative Subject + did + not + infinity form without to (didn’t) I didn’t watch the match on tv yesterday Interrogative Did + Subject + Infinity form without to + … ? Did you wait long?

4 … PAST PERFECT … We use the past perfect to talk about an action in the past that was completed before another action in the past. We form the past perfect with had and the past participle of the main verb. The form remains the same for each subject pronoun.

Subject + Had + Past Participle The train had already left when I got on the station Negative Subject + Had + Not + Past Participle I hadn’t met him yet Interrogative Had + Subject + Past Participle + … ? Had they already had breakfast?

6 Just – Already – Yet/Not yet
We use just, already, yet, not yet with the Present perfect. We usually use just and already in affirmative sentences and they go before the Past participle. We use yet in questions and in negative sentences, and it goes at the end of the sentence. He’s just started his first job. I’ve already bought a ring for her! Have you decided on the date yet?

7 MIND THE TRAP ! We use the Past simple and NOT the Present perfect with time expressions which refer to a finished period We met yesterday NOT We have met yesterday.

8 THE END Produced by: Francesco Ambra Luca Arzillo Fabio Zarrella

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