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Instant Gift Store, Inc. We specialize in Online Gift Certificate Sales for your business. We offer a program, an attached page to your website that allows.

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1 Instant Gift Store, Inc. We specialize in Online Gift Certificate Sales for your business. We offer a program, an attached page to your website that allows you to sell gift certificates online. With this service your customers will be able to purchase, print or email a gift certificate to your business instantly 24/7. Along with providing convenience, and solving last minute gift giving problems for customers, you will sell more gift certificates, create a new client base and save staff time. Instant gift certificate sales linked to your web site is a service that no business should be without!

2 Mission Statement To provide an affordable, user- friendly, modern, green approach to gift certificate sales, that allow clients to better serve their customer and increase their profits.

3 How do consumers feel about electronic gift giving? A Michigan State University study concluded that 84% of consumers prefer to give electronic gift certificates over their plastic counterpart! So how could the majority of electronic gift giving be done in a fashion completely against consumer preference? The answer is very simple.....very few companies have the capability and resources to produce such an intricate, detailed and user friendly eGiftCertificate interface to their website, UNTIL NOW! By adding the IGS eGiftCertificate link you will be providing a convenient and modern approach to electronic gift giving that consumers have said they would prefer!

4 Gift Certificates that Keep on Giving Published on The New Rules Project ( In 2007, U.S. shoppers spent $97 billion on gift certificates, an increase of nearly 17 percent from the previous year. For retailers, gift certificates have distinct advantages. They’re far more popular than the amount on the certificate. When redeeming them, recipients spend an average of 1.4 times the amount on the certificate. Plus, about 10 percent of the total value of the gift certificate goes unused every year, netting retailers billions of dollars.

5 Gift Certificates make sense for small Business USA Today Money Strategies/Rhonda Abrams For years, I’ve encouraged small companies, including service businesses, to sell gift certificates. Of course, customers have been able to get gift certificates for beauty salons or spas, but how about for dentists (for teeth whitening), interior designers, personal trainers, dog groomers? Two recent studies (by the National Retail Federation and by the accounting firm Deloitte an Touche) show the explosive size of the gift certificate market: 74.3% of consumers will buy a gift certificate this holiday season 81% of consumers received a gift certificate last year 50.2% would like to receive a gift certificate 12% of shoppers bought gift certificates for their own use 11.5% of the average consumers holiday budget will be spent on gift certificates Customers buy more. 21% of gift certificates users spent more than the face value of the certificate. The average face value of a gift certificate in 2003 was $47.20; those who spent more averaged a whopping $90. January sales. Many of those who receive gift certificates redeem them in January, often a slow month for many companies. January is now one of the biggest sales months of the year, due in large part to gift certificates

6 Medical Gift Certificates Bring Well Wishes (CBS News) On The Early Show Jack Gillis of the Consumer Federation of America called Medical Gift Certificates “a very intimate, (targeted) gift, because this is the type of gift you’d have to know someone pretty well to give. “One of the things the companies can capitalize on is the fact healthcare cost have gone through the roof.” “More and more of us are in the sandwich generation. We would love to be able to somehow help out our parents with some of their health care expenses, or our kids who are more and more not being covered by health insurance.” “So the fact is, we will be spending a lot of money on these certificates and give them to people that we care about a lot.” Gillis noted that Medical Gift Certificates make a good gift from 40-to-50 year-olds faced with the task of helping their parents without having to be too intrusive and without a handout. “This is a gift” he says. “It will enable the recipient to be proud.”

7 How it works - Business Add IGS link When purchased you receive an email Log on to your account at IGS Info will be displayed in your secure back office Process credit card-record gift certificate # End of month 5% - No sales No payment

8 How it works – Customer 24/7 convenience From Here to There in an Instant! Customer visit your business web site Click on Gift Certificate link Picks gift certificate Enters credit card info Prints or e-mail certificate

9 Benefits of The Instant Gift Store Selling instant gift certificates from your web-site is a green way to boost sales. Provide a much wanted convenience for your customers Save Staff time Create a new client base Draw more people to your web-site Allow customers to purchase, print or email gift certificates instantly. Gift Certificates can, and will be purchased 24/7 Several professional all occasion designs printed with your company name to choose from. Set up is just a one time fee of $149, no cancellation fees, no risk, just pay 5% of your online gift certificate sales. Add the Instant Gift Certificate link to your existing website or purchase one of our Effective Websites. Pay only when you sell- only 5% of your online sales. Free Bonus - Automatic email marketing sent out to all purchasers reminding them of special occasions to purchase more of your Gift Certificates. Bonus Opportunity – to market your business on the Instant Gift Store website

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