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How to Read a Short Story For enjoyment and analysis.

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1 How to Read a Short Story For enjoyment and analysis

2 BEFORE READING How to Read a Short Story

3 Look at the TITLE first –What might this story be about? –Jot down your first impression of the title & compare impressions before and after reading.

4 What does the title reveal about the content?

5 What prior knowledge do you have about the author, genre, setting?

6 Read the first few paragraphs and come up with a question that you will seek to answer as you read. Establish a quest:

7 Orient yourself: Flip through the story to determine its length. Scan the opening sentences of different paragraphs

8 While Reading

9 Identify the main characters Try to determine their needs, wants, motives, strengths & weaknesses

10 Make a note of any important events in the plot. What is each event’s significance? Trace the plot:

11 Some stories cover only a few moments while others cover decades of time. How much time is covered?

12 Character & setting changes are deliberate and crucial to the meaning. Note any important changes

13 Note how the setting evokes emotional reaction (dislike, enjoyment, fear, comfort, etc…) Pay attention to the setting

14 – Who is telling you the story? –Is the narrator reliable and accurate ? Consider the story’s point of view:


16 Summarize Analyze Synthesize Evaluate Apply the steps of critical thinking

17 – Review what happened – Understand progression of events – Tell someone about the story Summarize

18 –Where are the important ideas? –Examine passages that seem important and determine what they contribute to the story. Analyze

19 –How does the story compare with other stories ? –What elements are similar ? different ? –Where else have you seen the story’s theme or similar characters ? Synthesize

20 –Apply the “ How to Evaluate Literature ” Lecture notes criteria –Choose one element of the story (character development, plot, point of view, setting, theme, symbol etc…) and evaluate it Evaluate

21 Be an active reader… – Question as you read –Look for motives and patterns –Think about the author’s intentions –Imagine how other readers might respond to the text

22 Next week: Literary Criticism End of presentation.

23 Next week: Literary Criticism End of presentation. The End

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