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Smallpox Aditya Harsh.

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1 Smallpox Aditya Harsh

2 What is smallpox? Smallpox is a very deadly disease caused by a virus called the variola virus.(Dowshen, Steven) Smallpox gets its name from the pus-filled blisters (or pocks) that form during the illness.(Dowshen, Steven)

3 How does smallpox spread?
Smallpox is a highly contagious disease. Meaning smallpox can infect others without any effort.("How Does Smallpox Spread) Small pox can easily spread from person to person by sneezing, coughing, talking, breathing, or close contact.("How Does Smallpox Spread“)

4 Symptoms of smallpox The beginning symptoms of smallpox appear from around twelve to fourteen days after being infected. (Staff, Mayo Clinic) During the incubation period (The time period of not being contagious) of seven to seventeen days, you look and feel healthy and you won’t be spreading the disease. (Staff, Mayo Clinic)

5 Symptoms of smallpox After the incubation period, a sudden of flu-like symptoms will occur. These symptoms could be fever, headaches, severe fatigue, severe back pain, vomiting or diarrhea(sometime both). (Staff, Mayo Clinic)

6 Symptoms of smallpox A few days later, red spots begin appearing on your face, hands, and forearms, and later your trunk. Within a day or two, many of these lesions turn into small blisters filled with clear fluid, which then turn into pus. After a week, scabs begin to form and then fall off, leaving deep, pitted scars. The rash then becomes very noticeable by anyone looking at you. (Staff, Mayo Clinic)

7 Complications from smallpox
Complications of smallpox could range from but not limited to are arthritis and bone infection, severe bacterial infections, brain inflammation, eye infections, pitted scars, pneumonia, severe bleeding, and even death. ("Smallpox, Forms of Smallpox, Complications of Smallpox, Causes, Signs & Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatments")

8 Treatment If someone caught smallpox, the disease could be slowed down or even prevented of they receive the vaccination within 1-4 days of contact with the virus There is no cure for smallpox because it is a virus Everyone who has been in contact with the infected person will be vaccinated ("Smallpox - Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment of Smallpox”)

9 Prevention To control the spread of smallpox, people would be kept in isolation at a hospital. All the people that the infected person has been contact with will be given a vaccine which can lessen or prevent the occurrence of smallpox. (Staff, Mayo Clinic)

10 Fun facts about smallpox
Smallpox is thought to have originated in India or Egypt at least 3,000 years ago. Edward Jenner was the man who found the vaccination for smallpox. Small pox was once used as a very deadly bioweapon The last case of smallpox, globally, was in 1997. ("Smallpox, Smallpox Information, Infection Facts, News, Photos -- National Geographic”)

11 Pictures

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