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1. Come in quietly. 2. Take a note taking hand out off the table. 3. Find your name and sit there. 4. Do NOT remove the post-it note. 5. Have pen/pencil.

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1 1. Come in quietly. 2. Take a note taking hand out off the table. 3. Find your name and sit there. 4. Do NOT remove the post-it note. 5. Have pen/pencil out ready to start when bell rings.

2 Lori Jones

3 Introduction Hospitality comes from the Latin word HOSPES meaning host or guest. Hospitality has come to mean meeting the needs of guests with kindness and good will. It is a people serving business. In hospitality the goal is to make sure that guests feel good, safe, and happy as a result of using their business. Also called the travel and tourism industry. Goal

4 Activity As a group at your tables write down 20 types of Hospitality and Tourism businesses you used over the summer. Think outside of the box. Examples: Six Flags, bakery, cruises

5 Hospitality and Tourism Is the world’s largest industry. Is expected to grow 4.0 % each year It has a great effect on the economy. 18 million people in the US work in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry. Second largest employer…First is Healthcare.

6 Hospitality and Tourism Generates $1 trillion a year International visitors to the US insert over $100 billion into our economy. Because people who travel spend money on Transportation Food Lodging Entertainment and gifts

7 Breakdown of Expenditures Average cost per trip $1,967 Breakdown of expenditures: 28% lodging ($550) 18% foodservice ($354) 10% entertainment ($196) 30% retail—clothes & souvenirs ($590) 13% local transportation ($255)

8 Samples of Jobs Servers Chef Travel agents room attendants Hotel managers Meeting planners Wedding planners Restaurant managers tour operators Convention and visitor bureau workers Theme parks National park employees Catering directors

9 Economic Impact of the Industry Activity Thinking maps Do a Circle map at your table telling me everything you know about the ECONOMY. economy

10 Hospitality and Tourism In turn that Pays salaries Profits business Pays taxes Can you think of an event that could have effected the economy in North Texas?

11 Super Bowl or Cowboy Stadium The Super Bowl brought in $250 million They expected to bring in 600 million but it snowed. International visitors to the US spent $100 billion Hospitality and Tourism generates $105 billion in taxes each year.

12 Diversity: is a group of elements that are different from one another. Includes a variety of different backgrounds, cultures, religions, beliefs, and languages. Made up of many types and sizes of business They serve a diverse population different countries Special needs Different nationalities Different ages

13 Diversity The employees are diverse too. Young Old Part time Full time Minimum wage earners Professional salaried

14 Complexity When something is complex, it is composed of two are more parts.

15 Travel& Tourism Lodging Recreation Food & Beverage Complexity

16 Food and Beverage Prepare food for customers Food service industry Sidewalk hot dog vendor (casual) or elegant restaurant McDonalds is the largest business in the world Can be located in movie theaters, malls, airports, or even in schools. They provide 76% of all meals eaten in the USA. 50 years ago 25 % of all meals were in restaurants Largest and most varied part of the hospitality industry Employee 11 million people—doubled by 2015

17 Lodging A place to sleep for one or more nights. List the different types Bed and breakfast Elegant hotel Motel Campground Amenities and expense vary 4 million guestrooms in USA 13 million worldwide

18 Recreation Activities that people do to rest, relax and enjoy. The goal of recreation is to refresh a persons body and mind. 4 types Entertainment--- movies, concerts, live theater Attractions ----special places natural scenery, Museums, zoos, historical places

19 Recreation Spectator sports—football, baseball, soccer, basketball, or hockey ( there are others) Participatory sports– skiing, snorkeling, hiking, or hang gliding ( there are others)

20 Travel and Tourism Travel -Physically moves people from one place to another Auto Bus Train Ship Airplane Taxis Rental cars

21 Travel and Tourism Tourism organizes and promotes travel and vacations Travel agencies Tour operators Cruise companies Meeting and convention planners Convention and visitor bureaus Local and national tourism bureaus

22 The functions of the travel and tourism industry include: Planning vacations: A package is a trip that includes several segments that could include transportation, lodging, meals and entertainment. Tourism industry also has to encourage travel. Many cities have offices that promote tourism in their area.

23 Cities promote themselves to help their economy grow. They develop brochures, slogans, websites, advertisements, radio and TV ads In 1970 New York used this ad campaign. It is still used and recognized worldwide. Others started using it too. What is happening in Mexico that is effecting travel there? How would that effect their economy?

24 Pleasure Travel Done for rest and relaxation. Paid for with discretionary income. You must meet your basic needs before you do this kind of travel Maslow's hierarchy of needs

25 Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Physical Safety Love and belonging Esteem Self- actualization

26 Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Physiological needs Food, water,sleep, and shelter Safety needs Protection from physical harm and sense of security from knowing that needs will be met Love and belonging needs Belong to a family and other groups and need to love and be loved

27 Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Self-esteem Need for self-esteem and for the respect and admiration of others Self-actualization Need to grow and reach your full potential Create a triangle foldable for Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs

28 How many leisure trips are taken each year? 346 million Average of 3.7 nights Travel primary by car, truck, RV and usually stay in hotels.

29 Business Travel Employer deciders where you go and pays for it. This is considered meat and potatoes of the hospitality industry. When the economy is bad pleasure travel slows down, but this doesn’t. Many businesses have large travel budgets Business people take 210 million trips a year 66% stay in hotels (3 night avg) 1022 miles – average trip length 60% by car 38% by air 30% are female

30 Professional Association Group of people who have organized themselves to work to improve themselves, their profession and their industry Major one National Restaurant Association N R A American Hotel and Lodging Association A H & L A

31 They participate in professional development Develop standards and ethics Code of ethics a statement of proper professional behaviors for the profession and its members Networking Public relations Government relations --lobbying

32 Career and Technical Student Organizations CTSO Competitions, Civic Activities, Social Activities and Fund Raising. FCCLA-Family, Career and Community Leaders of America Skills USA- Cosmetology DECA FBLA

33 San Antonio Trip Plan a quick weekend trip to San Antonio. You won’t be traveling by car. You will be gone three nights and everyone at your table will go with you. What will you do ?

34 Working together All segments of the hospitality industry must work together to successfully meet customer’s need. One bad impression can lead to a poor trip f0r the travel and may encourage them not to travel to that destination again.


36 San Antonio Trip What different types of businesses would you need to contact? What would you need to know? What resources would you need? Who could help? What about the diversity in the group?

37 San Antonio Trip A package is a trip that includes several segments that could include transportation, lodging, meals and entertainment. Would you like to get a package deal or plan it on your own?

38 Create a logo for Hospitality and Tourism It needs to encourage people to explore the H & T industry. It can be used to promote my class or the career cluster.

39 Business Structures

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