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Webinar on Global Health and Partnerships Outcomes from WHA and EB 31 May 2013.

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1 Webinar on Global Health and Partnerships Outcomes from WHA and EB 31 May 2013

2 Webinar Agenda 31 May 2013 WHO reform at the EB Omnibus resolution on NCDs Post-2015 Development Agenda o Monitoring MDGs o Social determinants o Universal health coverage o SDGs Other issues

3 WHO Reform at the EB Programme and priority setting Governance reform o Non-state actors at EB o Distinctions among categories of non-state actors – new typologies o Tied to global health governance Managerial reform

4 Omnibus Resolution on NCDs Global monitoring framework o Nine global targets and o 25 indicators NCD Action Plan Global coordinating mechanism o Cleared for Nov 2013 consultation o Safeguarding the WHO UN Task Force – July at ECOSOC Regular reporting

5 Background on Post-2015 Development Agenda 1.Centerpiece of process: coordinated Development Agenda a.Driven by the UN but broadened to encompass multi- stakeholder engagement, including civil society and the private sector 2.Mobilizing Effect of the Millennium Development Goals a.Set for 2000 to 2015 and b.Took off to focus development resources associated with the UN 3.High-level meeting on MDGs at UN General Assembly (September 2010) a.Accelerate progress on MDGs and b.Look for ways to advance the development agenda beyond 2015

6 Multiple Strands of Engagement 1.UN System Task Team and UN Development Group 2.Rio+20 Summit on Sustainable Development in June 2012 3.High-Level Panel of Eminent Persons 4.Sustainable Development Solutions Network 5.Open Working Group

7 High-Level Panel of Eminent Persons (HLP): Appointed by UN Secretary-General June 2012 1.Leaders from civil society, private sector and governments 2.But not an intergovernmental process 3.Report published 31 May 2013 4.Co-chairs: a. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono of Indonesia b. President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia c. Prime Minister David Cameron of the UK 5.Private sector representatives – a. Paul Polman from Unilever b. Betty Maina from Kenya's National Association of Manufacturers

8 Top Health Priorities Post-2015 1.Focus on health and wellbeing a.Addresses the need for improved action on the social determinants of health b.Will require collaboration and coherence across sectors 2.Maximizing healthy lifes a.Potential to disaggregate data b.Accounts for morbidity, mortality, and sustainability 3.Universal coverage of and access to comprehensive, high quality services a.Vital component of efforts to maximize health at all life-stages b.Integrates high quality service coverage and provision and financial risk protection for all

9 Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals (mandated from Rio+20 Summit) 1.Established by resolution of the UN General Assembly in January 2013 2.30-member working group meeting every month 3.Conceptualizing the Sustainable Development Goals 4.Special session on health and social protection in June

10 Ot Post-2015 Development Agenda at the WHA Monitoring the Millennium Development Goals o Under-nutrition and stunting o Maternal and child health – 13 life-saving commodities o HIV/AIDS and malaria o Water and sanitation Social Determinants of Health Universal health coverage o Issue of universal health CARE o Financing concerns Post-2015 Development Agenda timeline o September High-level Session on MDGs o Series of forums in 2014

11 Other Issues at WHA International Health Regulations o Novel coronavirus o H7N9 Pandemic influenza preparedness o Lab capacity and technology transfer CEWG and and R&D treaty o Advisory meeting with technical experts

12 Other Issues at WHA Counterfeiting – the new mechanism o Rotating chairmanship o Impasse on terminology and relationship to generics e-Health o Timely data, security and privacy o Domain name protections Malaria initiatives o 25% reduction to 2010 o Increasing resistance o New insecticides o Financing

13 Global Health Diplomacy WHO Priorities Millennium Development Goals after 2015 Non-communicable diseases Universal health coverage International health regulations Access to medicines and technologies

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