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Strategic Plan Template.

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1 Strategic Plan Template

2 Strategic Formulation
Table Of Contents Executive summary Situation Analysis Current situation (Great Cups) Definition of the business Mission Vision Objectives/Goals Strategies Policies Management profile

3 Strategic Formulation
Situation Analysis Industry Analysis Economic Technological Political - Legal Sociocultural Task environment (Industry)

4 Strategic Formulation
Situation Analysis Competitive analysis / each business Competencies (Distinctive & Core) Competitive advantage Economic indicators Value chain analysis Product life cycle DuPont analysis Strategic issues in HR/MKTG/MIS/FINA SWOT (TOWS)

5 Strategic Formulation
Situation Analysis Marketing Mix (Great Cups) Product/Service Variety Quality Pricing List price Discounts Place/Channel Distribution Channel coverage Geographic coverage Market penetration Promotion Positioning strategy Marketing tools Budget

6 Strategic Formulation
Target Audiences Demographics Psychographics Behavioral Geographic Research used Surveys Census data Observations Focus groups Other

7 Strategic Formulation
Customer Decision Making Process Need/Problem Recognition Triggers? Influences? Information Search Evaluation of Alternatives Purchase Decision Variables Post-Purchase Behavior Dissonance?

8 Strategic Formulation
Customer Decision Making Process Research Techniques Observation Interview / Intercepts Focus groups Surveys Other

9 Implementation & Evaluation
Marketing Plan Strategies Alternative strategies Redefine the business Revised Mission, Vision, Objectives Market development Product/Service development Market penetration Integration Diversification

10 Implementation & Evaluation
Marketing Plan Tactics Branding Marketing tools Advertising PR Interactive Sales Promotion Personal Selling Retail Package Design Other

11 Implementation & Evaluation
Tactics Implementation Plan Budgets Feedback process Evaluation plan Financial Plan HR Plan MIS Plan

12 Documentation References Appendix Industry research data
Competitive research data Surveys Promotional executions Implementation chart Expense and capital budgets Team member assignments Presentation handouts/slides

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