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Consumer Relations By: Whitney Wilcox

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1 Consumer Relations By: Whitney Wilcox
The Five Seasons of Salem: The City Hunts for Something More Than Witches Consumer Relations By: Whitney Wilcox

2 Agenda History of Issue Salem’s Brand Image
Campaign Goals, Key Publics, and Message Design “The Big Idea” Conclusion

3 History Trials of 1692 Maritime port, architecture, textile factory
Mayor Kim Driscoll’s campaign

4 Salem’s Brand Image “Halloween Destination of America”
2010—Advertising and Marketing agency hired to “class up the image” Promote tourism year round

5 Campaign Goals Increase overnight visitation and the economic impact of visitor industry Tap into Boston tourist market Bolster social media and website as source of information

6 Key Publics LGBT community Family travel International Culinary Cruise
Green movement Business groups

7 Message Design Primary messages: Salem has more to offer than witches
Salem is a perfect get away destination Secondary messages sent through radio, print, social media, , and web marketing

8 “Salem—still making history”
The Big Idea “Salem—still making history”

9 Conclusion Campaign success measured
Salem currently attracts around one million visitors annually 1/3 tourists during Halloween Measures of Success:

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