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Careers in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

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1 Careers in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry
Standard 4 Objective 1

2 Career Segments Food and Beverage Lodging Travel/Tourism
Sports, Events and Entertainment Career Segments

3 Operations: Functions that are dealt with on a daily basis to maintain a business.
Managers in this area would: Ensure proper staffing Make sure operations run smoothly and efficiently Adhere to government regulations Possible Jobs: Restaurant Manager, Contract Food- Service Manager, Food-and-Beverage Director Food and Beverage

4 Production: Daily planning and producing of quality food items.
Managers in this are would: Staff Schedule Train employees Possible Jobs: Purchasing Director, Receiving Manager, Chef Food and Beverage

5 Service: Providing quality food in a prompt and efficient way.
Managers in this area would: Satisfy guest needs Possible Jobs: Catering Manager, Banquet Manager, Beverage-Service Manager, Convention-Service Manager Food and Beverage

6 Finance and Accounting: Maintaining daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly accounting records.
Managers in the area would: Understand math and accounting Be aware of accounting trends Possible Jobs: Night Auditor, Accounts Receivable Manager, Controller Lodging

7 Human Resources: In charge of recruiting, hiring, training hotel personnel.
Managers in this area would: Understand legal issues related to employment Plan Organize Possible Jobs: Training Manager, Human Resource Director, Diversity Manager Lodging

8 Lodging Operations: Daily operations of a lodging facility.
Managers in this area would: Work with other divisions in the hotel Handle guest safety and security Possible Jobs: Engineer, Security Manager, Revenue Manager Lodging

9 Rooms: Has the largest number of employees and generates the largest amount of revenue for a hotel.
Positions in this area would include: Front-desk Housekeeping Retail Possible Management Positions: Division Manager, Concierge, Bell Captain Lodging

10 Sales and Marketing: Provides revenue for a location by selling rooms and meeting space.
Employees working in this area would: Generate leads Plan for and determine target market Monitor competition Possible Jobs: Sales Director, Marketing Director, Catering Manager Lodging

11 Destinations: Promoting the beauty, events, and attractions of a destination.
Possible Jobs: Destination Marketing Operator, Reservations Manager, Purser Travel/Tourism

12 Distribution Channels: Agents and Intermediaries who promote goods and services to guests.
Agents in this area would: Recognize needs of guests Sell Possible Jobs: Tour Operator, Tour Director, Incentive Travel Specialist, Travel Manager Travel/Tourism

13 Transportation: Includes all types of travel, including; air, ground, and water.
Employees working in this area would: Have good customer-service skills Understand scheduling of various types of transportation Possible Jobs: Reservations, Flight Attendant, Dispatcher Travel/Tourism

14 Sports, Events and Entertainment
Sports: Managing facilities including; parking, concessions, security, talent, spectators/fans. Possible Jobs: Facilities Manager, Fitness Instructor, Sports Agent Show me the money! Sports, Events and Entertainment

15 Sports, Events and Entertainment
Events: Can add to a traveler’s experience and attract guests to hotels and restaurants. Possible Jobs: Event Planner, Meeting Planner, Special-Event Coordinator Sports, Events and Entertainment

16 Sports, Events and Entertainment
Entertainment: Generates large revenues. Employees working in this area would: Promote and book acts Negotiate contracts Possible Positions: Box-Office Manager, Cruise Director, Activity Director Sports, Events and Entertainment

17 Entrepreneurship Entrepreneur: Person who owns their own business.
Entrepreneurs would: Organize, manage Take risks Make decisions Advantages: Provide unique services and products, more flexible, enthusiasm, better relationships with employees and customers Disadvantages: Often work long hours, no brand recognition, less access to funding Entrepreneurship

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