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Fall of Rome & Spread of Christianity

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1 Fall of Rome & Spread of Christianity
Date: A B What factors led to the fall of Rome and how did this lead to the expansion of Christianity? Fall of Rome & Spread of Christianity Class Work: Warm Up: What do you think the Map is of? Why? What information is the map need to be better understood? Warm-Up/Discuss Fall of Rome Spread of Christianity Group Timeline Competition Homework: WIO Study Vocab Cards Vocab Quiz Next Class WIO: What factors lead to the spread of Christianity during the Byzantine Empire? Explain how each of these factors contributed to the expansion of Christianity. *Minimum of 5 Sentences* Page 117 Page 116

2 Warm Up: What do you think this is a map of? Why?

3 The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire

4 Punic Wars A series of wars fought between Rome & Carthage.
Hannibal was a fierce general for Carthage who caused many problems for the Romans.


6 After Punic Wars Rome finally defeats Hannibal and Carthage.
The empire of Rome expands and the emerge as the world’s superpower.

7 Pax Romana A period of peace and prosperity (wealth) in Roman history; no wars, population growth, trade increase, wealth increase After Rome defeats Carthage, the Pax Romana begins

8 Everything was good…Right?
Rome was in command of the world. Economically, Socially, & Culturally, Rome was at its peak.

9 What do you think happened?

10 Fall of Rome Rome was too big.
It could not raise money (taxes) to keep its infrastructure from falling apart. Rome’s government was becoming corrupt.

11 Barbarians Rome was attacked by barbarians
These were people who invaded Rome & did not speak Greek

12 Rome Falls Divided by attacks from Barbarians, the Roman Empire falls in 476 AD. The Western Roman Empire survives.

13 Roman Empire Divided

14 The Legacy of Rome Republic Government Roman Law Latin Language
Roman Catholic Church City Planning Romanesque Architectural Style Roman Engineering Aqueducts Sewage systems Dams Cement Arch

15 Byzantine Empire The eastern part of the Roman Empire became known as the Byzantine Empire or Byzantium.

16 Constantinople grows Capital of Byzantine Empire
Constantinople became a leading center of trade. Trade helped the Byzantine Empire grow rich.

17 Constantinople Constantinople was named for emperor Constantine.
Constantine was important because he legalized Christianity in the empire. Under Constantine’s rule, Christianity spread greatly.

18 Timeline Activity You will be placed into groups and be given a series of events in Ancient Rome. You job will be to place them in the correct order. You will only be able to submit the order 1 TIME! Team with the most correct answers wins.

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