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PLAY Meiad Ahli H00283325 EDU 1003. Types of play.

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1 PLAY Meiad Ahli H00283325 EDU 1003

2 Types of play

3 Fantasy Some kids watch a cartoon then they be affected by the character of the cartoon. So, when they have special events they were exactly like the character. They're also, make like their actions, for example, the girl holding an apple as snow-white cartoon. And the boy is put in his case plastic gun like the character who in love with him.

4 Dramatic Each kid likes to dramas differently, For example, in these pictures as we can see there’s one boy want to be a fireman in the future and the boy who is wearing cap want to be a chef and the last boy a scientist, so, when they play they wear the dress for the job that they plan to be in the future when they will grow.

5 Games with rules Some games have a rule and everybody all over the world playing this kind of games in the same way. As we can see they're two kids are playing chess, As we learn from the child development the kids are developing their fine motor skills by moving the small objects. Also, they are using their mind which is also develop their cognitive skills.

6 Manipulative Manipulative play involves using the hands to move the small, colorful objects, so they will develop their fine motor skills.

7 Creative Some kids using the playdough to make creative things, like this picture, they make flower shape and colorful worm. The children are developing their fine motor skills by using their hands and they are also developing their cognitive because they use their mind to think how to create these shapes.

8 Exploratory The children like to discover their environment, as we can see from the picture there is children holding the magnifying glass and they trying to see the leaves and what’s inside the hole.

9 Stages of play

10 On looker Some children learn by watching the children when they are playing, as same as this girl, she is sitting alone and watch the other children playing.

11 Solitary As we can see from the picture, there is one boy is playing alone and he is holding his car. I think this boy prefers to play Individual because he know how to entertain himself.

12 Parallel There are three children playing in the same place, but they are playing individually. They also are developing their physical skills when they are running and jumping.

13 Associative There are groups of children playing with no rules, and they are happy the way that they choose to play and entertain themselves.

14 Cooperative There are two children playing “Tic-Tac-Toe” game, as we know this game has a rule. Also, they are developing their fine motor skills because they are holding the pencil and write with it.

15 Domains of play

16 Cognitive and language The children are trying to solve the puzzle by using their brains. So, the children are developing their cognitive skills by thinking to fit it correctly. And also, the children develop their fine motor skills when they move the puzzle with their hands. In addition, they will also develop their language skills because they will talk to each other.

17 Social and Emotional The picture shows us, the children are playing in group and they are very happy and interesting in that game. So, that means they are social children, because they are not playing individually.

18 Sensory As we can see from this picture, the children are touching the sand with their hands, According to the child development theory they are developing their fine motor skills.

19 physical As we can see from the pictures, children like to play physical games such as, running and jumping. The girl with the red T-shirt try to catch her friend, so she is developing her gross motor skills.

20 Features of play

21 Using first-hand experiences The kid is cleaning the table with water and tissue. He learns it from his mother, maybe she does this work as a routine, every day. Then the boy tries to do like his mother job.

22 Making up rules There are three kids playing, they choose the way of their play. They imagine that there is a goal and if the boy with the blue shirt, put the football between the two woods he will be the winner. Also, they are developing their gross motor skills.

23 Making Props The girl imagines that she is inside the airplane and she is flying in the sky.

24 Choose to play As we can see from the picture, the kids are playing with animal puppets, and they choose to play this game at this time, nobody forces them to play. It depends on their mood.

25 Rehearsing the future The child is wearing the policeman outfit, he is planning to be in the future a policeman.

26 Pretend when they play The girl in the picture, imagine that she is on the trip, and she brings in the bucket food. Also, she imagines that the three bears are her kids and she fed them.

27 Playing alone The boy in the picture is playing wooden blocks, he didn’t join the other kids to play with them. He feels more interesting when he plays alone. He is also developing his fine motor skills.

28 Playing with other children and adults The girl and her mother are playing together, they have too much fun.

29 Having a personal play agenda The kid is playing with the playdough and he is planning in his head that he is doing animals shapes. According to the child development book, the kid is developing his fine motor skills.

30 Being deeply involved The kids are very excited with the hand print activity, of core if their mother calls them for lunch they will not answer her. Also, the kids are developing their fine motor skills.

31 Trying out recently acquired skills and learning The boy is riding the bicycle so well and he is very glad because he is finally known how to ride a bicycle after he try and fails many times.

32 Co-ordinating ideas, feeling and make sense The boy is feeling so good and he is cuddling the toy and play with it, certainly, when his mother or father saw their kid they hug him Strongly, So when he play with his toy he does what his family do with him.

33 The adults can do several things to get a good quality play time for the kids, like they can provide a good environment of play for the kids. Also the adults can provide the basic needs of educational games, such as, toys, playdough, blocks and coloring. And the adults should not punish the children when they are playing if they make a mistake. For example, if they broke something accidentally. In addition, the adults must not put rules for the kids play, because play is free they do what’s in their head and what they imagines, the kids know what they want to play and how adults cannot put rules for the kids. How adults can help the kids to get good quality play time ?

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