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Microsoft Identity and Access Solutions Market Trends and Futures

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1 Microsoft Identity and Access Solutions Market Trends and Futures
Jesus Martin Identity and Access Lead, Middle East and Africa Microsoft Corp

2 Identity and Access Management
Gartner states: By 2014, investments in IAM solutions will increase 60 percent to address regulatory compliance requirements1 Provisioning/Deprovisioning User/Profile Self Service Group & Role Management Password Self Service & Password Management Certificate Management Two Factor Authentication Federation Enterprise SSO Attestation & Certification Privileged Account Management Compliance & Auditing Reporting Compliance Weak, ineffective or non-existent controls in today’s IT environments put compliance in jeopardy. Identity Management IT processes are complex, and managing identities has become time-consuming and businesses struggle to afford multi-year, multi-million dollar projects to gain control of Identity management. Multiple infrastructure solutions, for multiple platforms, multiplies costs. Process Management Business processes are not integrated and data errors are common. Security is not maintained (nor standardized) because defined processes are not in place. IT Efficiency Creating, updating and terminating user accounts (User Provisioning or User Lifecycle Management) in a timely and consistent manner is an incredible challenge for global organizations. User Productivity If it takes IT days to provision resources to an employee and if there are mistakes or errors (human/manual process) – employees cannot properly do their job and be productive Lowers Total Cost of Ownership Organizations choose to invest heavily in User Provisioning because it has an immediate and high ROI while simultaneously reducing TCO. High ROI and lower TCO come from automation and it is this same automation that simultaneously improves security by eliminating mistakes and abuses. Interesting to note with the CIO magazine excerpt – CIOs believe their #1 IT control weakness is a provisioning one that ActiveRoles Server can solve!

3 The Journey Pulse champs Feedback Basic plan Refining Second plan
Feedback, refining, HR feedback

4 Identity Management is not anymore about
Provisioning and Deprovisioning Identity Synchronization Deliver tools to IT to control and secure the environment The Next Wave of Identity Management is about It’s all about the app / Self Service Everything Deliver IT as a Service Webshops/Service Catalogs Empower the End Users and Business Managers Anywhere Access on Any Device Compliance & Auditing ROI/TCO

5 Trends in Identity and Access
Identity and Access as a Service Enabling consumerization of IT Federation management Identity and Access Governance Streamlined pricing and complexity of on traditional Identity solutions Self Service Everything Help customers extend enterprise identity to address control and governance of cloud adoption

6 Market Trends ….. Futures ?
Identity Management goal will be about simplifying the way we deliver services that IT provides to end users rather than delivering tools to IT departments. Business Managers will be able to deliver users access to business services without the need to contact IT End User Interfaces that can be used as a “Web Shop” will enable users to get access to data as easily as they can create a Dropbox/hotmail account Interfaces will be as easy to use as Facebook Will manage the Access to Internal / Cloud based Applications Any device / same user experience (Identity in the Cloud) Windows 8 will drive the future of Identity Management and Information Protection

7 User Management and Web Shop Self Services

8 User Self Service Management
Self service group management integrated with Outlook and Exchange Integrated approval Melissa receives from Samantha, asking her to join a group. 2. Melissa clicks join group and chooses the group to join by clicking Join (if the group had been on cc or To line it would be automatically added to the mail template). Melissa sends the request, 3. FIM polls the FIM Service mailbox for s and pulls the request into FIM Service. This group happens to require approval so Samantha receives that she needs to approve membership.

9 Simplify Identity Management : FIM 2010
Simplify security, manage compliance GOVERNED SELF-SERVICE AND AUTOMATION Empower Business Self-service profile, credential, and group management Password and PIN reset from Windows login Group management from within Microsoft Office Single identity across heterogeneous applications Empower IT End-to-end, workflow-driven user provisioning Policy-controlled self-service capabilities Automatic, attribute-based group membership for simplified resource access GROUP MANAGEMENT IDENTITY MANAGEMENT CREDENTIAL MANAGEMENT If you wanted to access a file share in your network, previously you might have had to call your service desk and get approval. Now it is all workflow based. You go to a portal. There is no manual labor. - Brian Desmond, Microsoft MVP Source: Windows identity management tools move closer to completion. Tech Target, November

10 Identity Management User provisioning
Simplify security, manage compliance Identity Management User provisioning Policy-based identity lifecycle management system Built-in workflow for identity management Automatically synchronize all user information to different directories across the enterprise Automates the process of on-boarding users Active Directory Lotus Domino HR System Workflow User Enrollment LDAP FIM SQL Server Approval Manager Oracle DB FIM CM User provisioned on all allowed systems

11 Identity Management User de-provisioning
Simplify security, manage compliance Identity Management User de-provisioning Automated user de-provisioning Built-in workflow for identity management Real-time de-provisioning from all systems to prevent unauthorized access and information leakage Active Directory Lotus Domino HR System Workflow User de-provisioned LDAP FIM SQL Server Oracle DB FIM CM User de-provisioned or disabled on all systems

12 SharePoint-Based Management Console
Simplify security, manage compliance Group Management Self-service group and distribution list management with the FIM 2010 Web portal Office integration allows users to manage group membership from within Microsoft Office Outlook® for maximum productivity Enables users to use Outlook to manage approvals while they are offline Automatically add users to either group based on their employee type at the time they are provisioned to Active Directory Group and distribution list management, including dynamic membership calculation in these groups and distribution lists based on user’s attributes FIM Add-in for Outlook SharePoint-Based Management Console

13 Self-Service Password Management
Simplify security, manage compliance Self-Service Password Management Enables users to reset their own passwords through both Windows logon and FIM password reset portal Controls helpdesk costs by enabling end users to manage certain parts of their own identities Improves security and compliance with minimal errors while managing multiple identities and passwords Active Directory User requests password reset Oracle FIM Server Passwords updated End User SQL Server IBM DS LDAP Reset Password FIM capabilities integrated with Windows logon Randomly selects a number of questions

14 Demo HR Onboarding Provisioning / ZeroTouch Password Self Service
Role Based Provisioning User Self Service Approvals Workflow Deprovisioning

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