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Georgia on my Mind WebQuest Doyin Ayoola Kennesaw State University Doyin Ayoola The Peach State.

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2 Georgia on my Mind WebQuest Doyin Ayoola Kennesaw State University Doyin Ayoola The Peach State

3 Table of Contents Top-Title Page Overview Introduction Task Process Resources Evaluation Conclusion

4 Standards: SS2H1The student will read about and describe the lives of historical figures in Georgia history. a.Students will identify the contributions made by these historic figures: James Oglethorpe, Tomochichi, and Mary Musgrove (founding of Georgia); Sequoyah (development of a Cherokee alphabet); Jackie Robinson and Martin Luther King, Jr. (civil rights); Jimmy Carter (leadership and human rights). ELA2W1 The student demonstrates competency in the writing process. The student uses a variety of resources (encyclopedia, Internet, books) to research and share information on a topic. Grade Level:2 nd Content Area: Social Studies/Language Arts In this lesson, students will research different historical figures in Georgia. They will create an interview that covers the figure’s important contributions. What is my lesson about?

5 Introduction A Blast into The Past!! You have been chosen for a very important mission! If you shall choose to do it, you must gather a group of friends and travel back to the past on a tour through the state of Georgia. You will investigate and research historical figures in Georgia. Did you know there are many famous people from the past that lived in the same state you do? It is going to be up to you to study one of these famous Georgians and learn about their accomplishments and what their impact is on our life today! Ready to Time Travel?!

6 Task You and your team of 2 nd graders has been selected to become the Georgia Daily news reporters from Station GALS-TV and travel back in time. Once you get off the time traveling machine, your team’s job is to interview your assigned historical figure for the Dateline GBC program “Who’s Who in Georgia?” Your teammates will fill out a Research Guide that has the required information on your figure that must be in the interview. You will put your information into interview format and practice your interview. We will tape all the interviews and play them for the class to see! I can’t wait to find out Who’s Who in Georgia?! Lights! Camera! Action!

7 Process Remember, Be as creative as possible! Your Georgia Daily News team from Station GALS-TV has been broken up into 5 groups of 4. Each group of 4 will research websites that focus on a different historical figure that your Station Manager assigns you. The five news team’s jobs will be to fill out a Research Guide on their figure as they look through their websites. Then, they must create a 3-5 minute interview script on their historical figure based on the information they gather for their Research Guide. The program “Who’s Who in Georgia?” will have Dateline GBC network air the interview. People on your interview team include the following: –The Director: This member is responsible to make sure that everyone on the team completes their work on time and he or she is in charge of the rehearsals of the interview. –The Actor: This member is responsible for making sure all the materials that are needed are in place and he or she will play the part of the historical figure. –The Reporter: This member is responsible for speaking and asking the questions when the interview is presented. –The Writer: This member is responsible for writing all the important findings down in the Research Guide and then formatting the interview script. Click here for the Research You will use the website resources on the following page to research your figure so that you can fill out the Research Guide and write your interview resources on the following page –If you are your teammates has pictures or recordings to make the interview more creative, please feel free to bring it! –While everyone is presenting, you should be filling out the Research guide so that you will have a completed research guide by the end of all the presentations.

8 Resources Here are your assignments your Station manager (the teacher) has given you. Click on the websites to research your historical figure and fill out your information sheet! Accomadations/Modifications: Please don’t forget to ask your reading buddies or Station Managers if you need any help reading ! News Team 1: Jackie RobinsonJackie Robinson News Team 2: Martin Luther King Jr.Martin Luther King Jr. News Team 3: Mary Musgrove - Notable Women AncestorsMary Musgrove - Notable Women Ancestors News Team 4: James Earl Carter, Jr.James Earl Carter, Jr. News Team 5: James OglethorpeJames Oglethorpe

9 Evaluation Here’s how you will be graded! 8-9 points=E 6-7 points=S 4-5 points=N Webquest Rubric Historical Figure Research Guide 3=Excellent Information Sheet filled out completely and accurately 2=Satisfactory 1-2 incorrect pieces of information on information sheet 1=Needs Improvement 3-4 incorrect pieces of information on information sheet Written Interview Script Completely covers all information from data sheet and puts it in interview script 1-2 pieces of information missing in interview script 3-4 pieces of information missing in the interview script Presentation of Interview Used creativity, presented all information required Used some creativity, 1-2 pieces of information missing Used little to no creativity, 3-4 pieces of information missing Click on title for your own copy!

10 Conclusion Congratulations! Click on the speaker for a round of applause! You have successfully completed your mission! You have learned about some important figures in Georgia’s history.You can extend your research to learn even more about The Peach State by finding the capitals that existed before Atlanta was our capital, researching to find out what all of the state symbols of Georgia are, and even going to research about figures that came from a different state!

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