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3D Semester Quiz Review FALL 2013.

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1 3D Semester Quiz Review FALL 2013

2 Elements of art Any mark that shows direction line
An enclosed area that has height, width, and depth form How light or dark the surface of an object is. value How a ray of light appears as it reflects off of the surface of an object: color The area an artist uses to create their artwork Space A 2D area enclosed by a line: shape The surface condition of an object: texture

3 Principles of design When all the parts of an artwork are equal
balance The use of size of an object in relation to another to create visual interest scale To make one part stand out emphasis The repetition of parts to create visual interest pattern When all the parts of a piece of art work together to make you look at the piece as a whole unity The use of opposites to create visual interest contrast The use of many different elements and principles to create visual interest variety

4 Project questions A sculpture that is meant to be seen from all 360
In the round A sculpture that is meant to be viewed from one perspective, usually hanging on a wall, is called: Relief The structural skeleton of a sculpture is called the: Armature

5 Project questions Your organic form was based on what artist?
Henry Moore It contained a min. of one ____________ space. Negative He was born in__________. England How did he make his sculptures abstract? He stylized the forms-taking away detail

6 Project Questions What influenced Louise Nevelson’s sculpture techniques and style? Her dad was a junk collector Name the construction technique used in her sculptures: Assemblage What art movement did she work in? American Abstract Expressionism What two types of shapes did she use in her abstract sculptures? Geometric and organic Name the two predominant characteristics of this art movement: Non-representational and improvisational

7 Project questions Define abstract:
A non-realistic depiction of the subject What artist was your wire sculpture based on? Alberto Giacometti When a sculpture is movable, this is called: kinetic What are the two defining characteristics of Giacometti’s figure sculptures? stylized and elongated forms

8 Project questions Repousse’ means: To push
The technique of pushing the metal from the front side of the copper is called: Chasing When was this art form started? Why? 600 BC- that’s when bronze and copper were developed.

9 Project questions What makes your shoe sculpture a “Pop Art” Sculpture? The subject choice was of an everyday, non-art object. How did you create Unity in your Bas Relief Value Sculpture? used pattern and monochromatic color scheme

10 Project questions The technique where you build a sculpture by attaching pieces to one another is called: Assemblage The sculpture method in your animal fetish carvings is a ______________ sculpture process. Subtractive Name the three relief sculptures you made this semester: Value sculpture, Repousse’, Ceramic wall pocket

11 Project questions Clay that has been fired one time is called: Bisque
Clay that is wet but rigid is called: Leather hard Name the three hand building techniques: Pinch, slab, coil You must always ______________ your clay pieces when attaching Slip and score Finely ground minerals that melt to create a glass coating on a fired piece of ceramic is called: Glaze

12 Project questions A piece or art that can be used is called:
Functional art Bone dry clay that has not been fired is called Greenware The process of melting clay particles so they fuse to become ceramic is called Vitrification _________ refers to how pliable your clay body is. plasticity

13 Project questions Name the three relief sculptures you made this semester: Value sculpture, Repousse’, Ceramic wall pocket

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