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Procurement Analyst Position Update Procurement Training Forum August 24, 2010.

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1 Procurement Analyst Position Update Procurement Training Forum August 24, 2010

2 Procurement Analyst Position To establish Procurement Analyst support for Procurement Managers and Associates – The focus of the PA position would be to support the PMs/Associate by assuming responsibility for procurement reporting requirements, responding to data calls, metrics maintenance etc. – Position will also focus on file quality, review trending, and Senior Staff Interface to aid in identifying document quality issues within the procurement offices

3 Process of Defining Duties Gained the Procurement Officer’s insight on what the responsibilities of the position should include Discussed with each PM the list of functions already developed and gain insight into other duties that would be helpful to them as managers PSS Team provided feedback on data integrity issues etc. and gained an understanding from their perspective on areas where the procurement offices needed help Finalized the list of duties, developed recommendation on an implementation plan and wrote the Position Description to advertise the PA position within Code 210

4 List of Duties Data and Metrics – Procurement expert in procurement data, metric management and data collection integrity within the Procurement Operations Division – Coordinates, collects, organizes, assimilates, translates, and reports procurement data in response to Senior Management data requests, including monthly DSR, UCAs, OCAs, BPRs, and MB reporting, survey data requests, actions from NASA HQ, and any other requests for data that require a Division response – Ensures active contract and closeout contract lists are complete, accurate and current – Ensures SAP and CMM are kept current on contract instrument assignments within the procurement office – Ensures contractor past performance assessments (NF 1680) are completed timely and entered into the NASA Past Performance Database

5 List of Duties Data and Metrics (cont’d.) – Provides review of data being input into CMM and FPDS-NG to ensure data is accurate and correct. Works directly with the PSS Team on CMM and FPDS-NG data issues – Ensures that procurement personnel respond to action items timely and that data reported is accurate and complete – Assists in the development of acquisition milestone schedules as required. Becomes proficient in the use of selected milestone software and works with contracting personnel to accurately reflect required acquisition milestones – Ensures data stored in the OHCM Satern system is current, accurate and complete as it relates to the Procurement Operations Division personnel

6 List of Duties File Quality and Sr. Staff Interface – Provides procurement expertise in reviewing Procurement Request (PR) Packages for quality and completeness. Works with technical customers to revise documents as required to enable assignment of procurement actions with complete PR packages and mitigate negative procurement schedule impacts – Ensures that the most current forms/documents are used in acquisition preparation. Communicates with procurement management on the status of PR packages so that planning for assignment can take place while waiting for complete acquisition packages – Interfaces with Contract Specialists to obtain the status of PRs and acquisitions to pass on to technical customers and procurement management when requested

7 List of Duties File Quality and Sr. Staff Interface (cont’d.) – Interfaces frequently with Senior Staff on procurement actions to identify procurement document quality issues. Documents trends in review comments to identify repeated file problems – Retains and analyzes comments of procurement reviews to identify trends. Communicate with the PM and Associate areas of improvement based on trends identified and develop training packages, as appropriate – Attends Procurement Policy Telecons and works with Senior Staff to ensure topics, changes, or issues related to procurement policy are properly communicated to key procurement officials

8 Pilot Plan Offers opportunity to existing workforce to encumber position as part of a pilot position Employees will serve in the position from 6 months to 1 year Will provide time to refine the position and duties to maximize benefit within the POD Position will be at the GS-13 level. However, anybody interested can apply and work within the position at their current grade Position will be a Procurement Analyst 1102 working from a Statement of Duties Employee will sit within one of the branches but will report to the Associate Number of positions will depend on the interest and need. Position will be advertised informally early September with a start date after the end of the fiscal year – Interested employees will be required to submit their name for consideration and why they are interested in the position

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